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Spirit Beings and Announcing Dreams in Reincarnation Cases







Spirit Beings, Spirit Guides, Ghosts, Soul Guidance,


Spiritual Communication, Soul's Plan & Announcing Dreams


in Independently Investigated Reincarnation Cases


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Your Soul's Plan, Spirit Guide, Spirit Being, Ghost, Spiritual GuidanceIn some reincarnation cases, past life information has been directly obtained through spirit communication.  In addition, spirit being intervention can be observed in the bringing reincarnation information to light, such as by leading a person to a physical location where past life information is revealed.  At a past life location, an individual may find evidence of past lives or they can experience geographic memories, such as past live memories or emotions related to that location.

Spirit beings can also communicate with humans through dreams, as well as through telepathic messages, which are perceived as our own intuitions.  Souls can predict or announce their next incarnation through dreams, which Ian Stevenson, MD, termed "announcing dreams."  Spirit beings can also create symbolic messages by orchestrating meaningful coincidences, which Carl Jung called synchronicities or synchronistic events.  In this section, such occurrences are compiled.

Spirit Beings & Spirit Guides in Independently Investigated Reincarnation Cases with Physical Resemblance

James Leininger Watches His Parents at the Pink Hotel Before He is Born

Robert Snow is Guided to his Past Life Painting of the Hunchback Woman

Jeff Keene is Led to the Exact Past Life Location Where He Was Almost Killed in the Civil War

Norm Shealy is Led by an Iceberg Sensation to his Past Life Medical Office in London

Peter Teekamp is Guided to a Past Life Gauguin Charcoal Sketch at Chamorro's

Wayne Peterson is given a Vision of his Past Life Home in Venice

An Architecture Book with a Past Life Hyde Park Home Magically Moves and Attaches Itself to Wayne Peterson's Hand

A Bright White Light in the Night Sky Tells Karen Pigott She was a Horse Thief in a Past Lifetime

Penney Peirce is Informed of Two Past Lifetimes by s Spirit Guide


Spirit Beings & Spirit Guides in Reincarnation Stories Researched by Ian Stevenson, MD

Ian Stevenson, MD Reincarnation Stories with Physical Resemblance & Spirit Beings

After Dying following Heart Surgery, Hanan Monsour Announces her Reincarnation in a Dream

Jaako Vuorenlehto Correctly Telepathically Predicts the Date of his Reincarnation

Alessandrina Samona Correctly Predicts her Reincarnation with a Twin

Ibleto di Challant | Giuseppie Costa: A Spirit Lover's Clue Leads to a Past Lifetime

Gladys Deacon is Led to her Past Life Portrait by a Flat Tire


Ian Stevenson, MD Reincarnation Stories with Xenoglossy & Spirit Beings

Sharada Announces her Reincarnation with a Cobra Bite Dream

Blanche Bautista Appears in a Vision and Predicts her Reincarnation

Turkish Reincarnation Stories Researched by Ian Stevenson, MD with Spirit Beings

After Dying in a Turkish Plane Crash, Ahmet Delibalta Observes the Recovery of his Body from the Spirit World

Abdulkerim Hadduroglu Dies in a Car Crash in Turkey and from the Spirit World Watches his Wife Deliver a Healthy Child

After Dying from Tetanus in Turkey, Nasir Alev Announces his Reincarnation in a Dream

After Being Murdered, Turkish Farmer Abit Suzulmus Announces his Reincarnation in a Dream

Sehide Suzulmus Observes What Happened after her Death and her Reincarnation is Announced in a Dream

European Reincarnation Stories Researched by Ian Stevenson, MD with Spirit Beings

Teuvo Koivisto: A Holocaust Victim Announces his Reincarnation in a Dream

After Dying in Childhood, Blanche Bautista Announces her Reincarnation to her Past Life Mother

Poldi Holzmuller sends a Reincarnation Announcing Dream in which She is a Bird

Angelina Lopez Communicates from the Spirit World through a Rosicrucian Mystic

Kalevi Paasio | Paavo Sorsa: A Murdered Son Announces his Reincarnation in a Dream

Pertti Haikio's Mother Knows of a Death and Pertti Gives His Sister a Dream Announcing his Reincarnation

From the Spirit World, Goya Paints through Henrietta Roos

Blanche Courtain Accurately Describes Grandparents Who Died Before She was Born


Reincarnation Cases Submitted by IISIS Supporters

Prashant Solomon sees Himself Enter the Womb at 4 Months of Pregnancy


Note to Readers: Ian Stevenson. MD was a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia who wrote in a very academic style, as his target audience was fellow scientists.  On the IISIS web site, his past life cases are presented as children reincarnation stories to make his academic work easier to understand. For those interested in appreciating the scientific rigor of his research, such as his use of multiple witnesses to establish corroborated testimony, please refer to the original reports written by Dr. Ian Stevenson.


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