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As demonstrated in the Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen and other Independently researched reincarnation cases, individuals can change religion, nationality, race, gender and ethnic affliation from one lifetime to another.

Most wars and conflicts are based on groups of people seeing themselves as different from other groups based on these cultural markers of identity, such as religion, nationality and ethnic bonds.

These differences in cultural identity allow people to rationalize that it is acceptable to kill people of other cultures.

When people realize that these markers of identity are temporary, that we can change religion, nationality and ethnic affiliation from one lifetime to another, then wars based on these differences will end.

In other words, when Israelis realize that they can reincarnate as Muslims, that Palestineans can reincarnate as Jews, that Sunnis can reincarnate as Shiites, then conflicts based on these differences will end.

Your support of IISIS can help us create a more peaceful and evolved world.  One priority is to translate key reincarnation cases, which in aggregate provide proof of reincarnation, into multiple languages.

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