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Reincarnation Case of James Dean | Anonymous & Jaden Smith                     (Split Incarnation)


with Past Life Case of Rogers Brackett | Will Smith-Part 2


Affirmed by: Ahtun Re in a Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Research Session

Preface, Headings & Commentary by: Walter Semkiw, MD

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Reflections on my Father, Reincarnation & Psychotherapy

Dean Spanley & Reincarnation Case of James DeanThis sense of isolation and rejection from my father has gnawed at me all my life, so upon Freddy’s urging this past year I began seeing a very capable and dynamic therapist, a psychologist who holds an EdD and has decades of experience.

As it turned out, he is also a believer in reincarnation who advocated understanding and forgiveness as karmic hammers and chisels, respectively, to smash the barriers between my father and me.

One day I braced myself and told him about my Dean theory.

“You don’t have a personality disorder and you’re not delusional,” he flatly told me. In fact, it was under his care that I experienced my second and third regressions back to Jimmy’s lifetime.

Recently, this doctor and I discussed my coming forward. “If it’s to bring awareness to reincarnation, then it’s a good thing,” he said. “If it’s to dance within Jimmy’s fame, then I think you’re going backward.”

I told him I concur, but I was still considering telling my story anonymously.

“What’s your motivation?” he asked.

“Jimmy’s life was so well documented,” I said. “The movies, the photos of him, the biographies, even the whispers and the rumors. I feel like I was leaving bread crumbs for myself to follow back from my next life, because maybe this is what I’m supposed to do. There’s huge significance here for everyone . . . not just me. But other people aren’t as lucky as I am to have these puzzle pieces exist in books and on the Internet, so they might not ever take the time to search. And finally, maybe it’s my soul’s purpose to share my experience . . . that maybe this is all a big karmic ball that started rolling even back before Dean got famous and had his accident.”

James Dean ReincarnationBut wouldn’t lifting my veil give my account more credence? If I did, you could examine my face, investigate my publishing chops, confirm my academic credentials, and discover I have no police record and I’ve never been institutionalized.

But I’m not willing to do that. Not yet. Maybe not ever. My lack of notoriety is something I cherish, and surrendering it would crack open the lid on a big Pandora’s box.

Because I realize that to some people this sounds more than a little crazy.

And I’m still not absolutely sure that I lived a prior life as James Byron Dean.

Why? For one thing, I’m still catching those puzzle pieces, which the universe pitches slowly. And to quote from Dean Spanley (Miramax, 2008), one of my favorite movies about reincarnation, “Only the closed mind is certain.”

Everything I’ve reported here, as well as the other parallels I’ve omitted in the interest of brevity, could be coincidences and/or wishful thinking.

After all, lots of kids get carsick and are afraid of water . . . and what guy wouldn’t want to be James Dean?

I’m only sharing my experiences with the hope of inspiring you to keep plodding and walking and skipping along your own spiritual journey, knowing you’ll discover something akin to what I’ve learned. Because if karma has shaped my soul’s development, it’s most assuredly molding yours . . . whether you realize it or not.

But why reincarnation? How does humankind benefit from coming back to re-experience both the sweet blessings and the bitter strife of life?

Evidence of Reincarnation Can Help Create a More Peaceful World

Anne Frank Reincarnation If we accept evolution as one of the “great truths” of life, then might it make sense that our consciousnesses (eight of them, if you subscribe to Buddhism), which are as alive as our physical bodies, should thrive more efficiently through the same principles of survival through adaptation? Just as whales are related to cows and hippos through environmental adaptation, I believe the intangible, invisible human spirit evolves through reincarnation. I also believe spirit evolution, in this same sense, dovetails beautifully with Dr. Semkiw’s assertion that we sometimes switch genders, nationalities, religions, and even sexual orientations upon our rebirth . . . which, in a sense, is like the cow becoming the whale so she comes to know the joys and dangers of the ocean.

Finally, this evolution-of-soul theory might also illuminate those perils we recognize as evil, disease, and discord as the counterforces (predators, in a sense) that accelerate and impel the soul’s evolution, in much the same way that cheetahs cull zebra packs and hawks snatch sparrows.

It’s an ugly part of life that we don’t question in the animal kingdom.

Or when one orders fried chicken.

It’s merely an accepted part of life . . . which I believe someday reincarnation will be.

But how will this happen?

Can DNA Analysis Prove Reincarnation?

DNA & Proving Reincarnation Just as the ancient Romans—oblivious to the wobbling earth—believed Demeter’s grief caused the seasons, we likewise hold on to our various ideas about the afterlife because science hasn’t yet discovered a plausible explanation.

But science is looking.

Consider, for example, “junk DNA”—the mush of deoxyribonucleic acid that was previously considered to have little effect on our human characteristics. Now this junk DNA has been discovered to play a specific role in genetics and behavior. According to a recent scholarly work titled The Mind in Context (by Batja Mesquita, Lisa Feldman Barrett, and Eliot R. Smith; Guilford Press, 2010, p. 2), “only a small proportion of human DNA (estimated between 2 and 5%) was genes; the rest . . . (that does not directly produce proteins) was labeled ‘junk,’ on the assumption that it was largely irrelevant to the biological understanding of life. As it turns out, however, ‘junk DNA’ has some important functions, including regulation of gene expression (i.e., turning on and off protein production) in a contextually sensitive fashion. . . . [M]uch of what makes us human, and what makes one person different from another, lurks in this junk.”

Perhaps it’s also inside this junk DNA, which constitutes at least 95 percent of an animal’s genetic material, where instinct lies: instincts that compel birds to build sturdy nests, newborn pups to suckle greedily, and bees to build perfectly symmetrical honeycombs. Instincts that inspire talents in humans—those inexplicable abilities that make us exceptional at the piano or soccer or chemical engineering or stand-up comedy, just because it comes so easily. Not even science knows what causes instincts or sparks talents, but considering that “DNA is not an inert set of blueprints; it responds to life experiences” (Sharon Begley, “When DNA Is Not Destiny,” Newsweek, November 2008) and is malleable, as further evidenced by evolution, I’d wager that our genetic, innate talents are an extension of the abilities we’ve developed in our previous lives.

Put simply, science agrees that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so if we alter—by how hard or how little we strive—our physical, mental, and consciousness (soul) DNA in one lifetime, then according to the laws of energy and evolution, we will return in our next for better or for worse.

That’s karma.

And science may now be on the cusp of discovering these correlations.

I’ll end with a quote of James Dean’s that I find especially apropos: “If a man can bridge the gap between life and death . . . if he can live on after he has died, then maybe he was a great man. To me the only success, the only greatness, is immortality.”

In this sense, I believe we are all great men and women.

Principles of Reincarnation & Understanding Past Lives

Physical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases: There is a physical resemblance between James Dean and the author of the narrative provided above.

James Dean UCLA Near Drowning & Reincarnation CasePast Life Talent & Knowledge: The author noted that James Dean wanted to be a successful writer almost as much as he wanted to be an actor. The author also explained how in being a successful writer of fiction, he has to understand all the characters he creates, much like an actor becomes his character on stage.b

As a child, the author pretended that he was a race driver and he had an innate knowledge of makes of authomobiles. Similar behavior and innate knowledge is observed in the: Reincarnation Case of WW II Pilot James Huston, Jr. | James Leininger

Geographic Memory: As a child, when the author was driven close to the site of James Dean's death in California Valley, he had a panic reaction, much like the reaction of Fire Chief Jeff Keene at the Antietam Battlefield.

Past Life Phobia: As a child, the author an irrational phobia of swimming pools. James Dean almost died by drowning at the UCLA pool as a result of a fraternity prank.

Past Life Birthmark: Since childhood, the author has had a birthmark which corresponds to the site of head trauma incurred by James Dean in his fatal automobile accident.

Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives: As noted in the Preface, another incarnation of the soul of James Dean has been identified as Jaden Smith, the son of actor Will Smith. Whereas the anonymous author of the narrative provided above is fulfilling Jimmy's dream to be a successful writer, Jaden is pursuing Jimmy's passion for acting, as well as his soul's love for music. One reason a soul pursues split incarnation is to develop diverse talents. Another is to work on karmic relationships more efficiently.

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation: Will Smith has been identified as the reincarnation of Rogers Brackett, the mentor of James Dean. When Dean became successful, he was less than kind to Brackett when Brackett needed help. If these reincarnation cases are accepted, then the relationship of Rogers Brackett and James Dean are being mended in the father and son relationship of Will and Jaden Smith.


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