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Advances in Reincarnation Research: A Tribute to Ian Stevenson, MD

A Presentation on Evidence of Past Lives for the Society for Scientific Exploration

By Walter Semkiw, MD

Part 2


The Reincarnation Cases of Penny Peirce and the Phenomenon of Split Incarnation-Continued

Recall that in the case of Alessandrina 1 & 2, Alessandrina 1, from the spirit world, said through a medium that she could no longer communicate in séances after three months of pregnancy, as she would be too attached to physical matter. Alessandrina 1’s statement implies that the soul indeed is involved with the physical body from early on in pregnancy.

If this is true, note that Suzanne was born only 10 days after the death of Hanan Monsour, which means that throughout the 9 months that Suzanne was in the womb, Hanan was still alive.  As such, this case also represents an example of split incarnation. To review other such cases, go to: Split Incarnation Reincarnation Cases

The Sharada | Uttara Huddar Xenoglossy Reincarnation Case

Another vitally important set of cases involves xenoglossy reincarnation cases published by Ian Stevenson. These cases demonstrate that past life personalities are retained intact within the soul and that these past life personalities can emerge in special states of consciousness.

One of the most powerful cases, in this regard, is the case of Sharada | Uttara Huddar. The past life personality, Sharada, reported incurring a cobra bite on her toe, which apparently led to her death, in the late 1800s.  Uttara's mother had a series of announcing dreams involving a cobra biting her toe. Uttara was born in 1941 and as a child, she had a severe phobia of snakes, which appears to reflect the death of her past life personality, Sharada.

At the age of 32, Uttara began meditating and the past life personality, Sharada, emerged spontaneously. Amazingly, Sharada only spoke Bengali while Uttara only spoke in Marathi, a language of India. Sharada would take over the body for up to 41 days at a time over a period of years.  Uttara had no memories of the Sharada phases and Sharada had no knowledge of Uttara.  This case, as well as other xenoglossy cases studied by Ian Stevenson, demonstrate that past life personalities are retained intact within the soul, which appear to be retained forever. To the review this case in detail or to learn more about xenoglossy cases, to:

The Sharada | Uttara Huddar Xenoglossy Reincarnation Case

Xenoglossy & Retention of Past Life Personalities in the Soul

The Suicide Case of Helmet Kohler | Rupert Schultz

Ian Stevenson published a compelling suicide case in which a wealthy German merchant, after a financial loss, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.  In this case, Helmet Kohler reincarnated as a Rupert Schultz, who as a child demonstrated spontaneous suicidal behavior by gesturing that he was shooting himself in the head.

Rupert, through his past life memories, was able to track down his past life son, who validated his memories. Rupert also turned out to become an extremely successful entrepreneur in Berlin who also generated a fortune. He lost his wealth, though, due to the bombing raids of World War II.

This case seems to demonstrate that one is not eternally damned for committing suicide, but rather, that one has to face the same circumstances that led to suicide in a subsequent incarnation. This very interesting case can be reviewed in detail at: The Suicide & Reincarnation Case of Helmet Kohler | Rupert Schultz

Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Cases

I would now like to describe my work with Kevin Ryerson. As I got involved in reincarnation research, which started at the end of 1995, I sought out psychics to see if any could make accurate past life matches. I felt that no one I had interviewed could do so on a consistent basis until I encountered Kevin Ryerson. In October 2001, I had my first session with Kevin Ryerson and I asked about cases that I was curious about, which I had no hypothesis regarding the past life identity.

The Reincarnation Case of Charles Thomson | Ralph Nader

One such case involves Ralph Nader, who I suspected participated in the American Revolution, though I had no clue as to who he could have been. Ahtun Re, a spirit guide that Kevin Ryerson channels, told me that Nader was indeed a part of American Revolution who was an integral participant of the Continental Congress, whose name was Thomson.

This was in 2001 before search engines, such as Google, were efficient or used. I could find no Thomson in the books that I had on the American Revolution and it was only after an extensive search at the San Francisco Public Library that I found a Charles Thomson, who served as the Secretary of the Continental Congress for the full 13 years of its existence. I found that Thomson had the exact same facial features as Nader and that his personality traits and interests were identical.

This case can be reviewed for detail at: The Reincarnation Case of Charles Thomson | Ralph Nader

The Reincarnation Case of David Rittenhouse | Carl Sagan

Another person that I was investigating who was a part of the American Revolution was David Rittenhouse. In 2001, all I knew about Rittenhouse was that he helped edit the pamphlet Common Sense, written by Thomas Paine. I asked Ahtun Re if Rittenhouse had reincarnated in contemporary times.

Ahtun Re told me that Rittenhouse had reincarnated as Carl Sagan. I found this implausible, as by this point I had observed that people tend to do the same type of work from lifetime to lifetime. I found it hard to believe that a little-known American revolutionary would reincarnate as Carl Sagan, a world famous astronomer.

Later on, though, as I researched Rittenhouse further, I learned that he was America's first astronomer. He built the first telescope in America and created a replica of the solar system based on his observations in an orrery.

In October 2001, though, I still could not find a portrait of Rittenhouse, so I didn't know if there was a physical resemblance. I first saw a portrait of Rittenhouse when I visited Ian Stevenson in Charlottesville, Virginia at the end of 2001.  During this trip, I visited the home of James Madison, who had an extensive collection of portraits of American revolutionaries.  I then realized that David Rittenhouse has the same facial features as Carl Sagan. This case can be reviewed in greater detail at: The Reincarnation Case of David Rittenhouse | Carl Sagan

The Reincarnation Cases of Laurel & Hardy | Josh & Danny Bacher

Another set of cases that dramatically demonstrate Ahtun Re's abilities to make accurate past life matches involves the reincarnation cases of Laurel and Hardy. After a long search, which is described on the IISIS website, Ahtun Re confirmed that the little-known comedians, Josh and Danny Bacher, who go by the stage name of the Bacher Boys, were the reincarnations of Stan and Ollie. I contacted Danny Bacher in November 2005, not knowing how he would react to being told that he and his brother were the reincarnations of Laurel & Hardy. Please note that on the Bacher Boys personal website there was absolutely no mention of any affinity to Laurel & Hardy.

When I told Danny that he was the reincarnation of Oliver Hardy, he stated that he didn't know about reincarnation, but that by far the biggest influences in his and Josh's life had been Laurel & Hardy. Further, Danny is one of the most prolific collectors of Laurel & Hardy memorabilia in the world.

In fact, Danny has the original pair of pants that Ollie wore in the movie Way Out West framed and hanging on his bedroom wall. In addition, he has a suit that Oliver Hardy wore fitted on a manikin in the corner of his bedroom.  The Bacher Boys have also obtained a jacket that Stan wore, which is fitted on a manikin next to Oliie's suit.

Further, I learned that Josh and Danny created a cassette tape of music from Laurel & Hardy movies in their teenage years and they would drive around New York City and New Jersey in their car with Laurel & Hardy music playing. This occurred 15 years before I contacted Josh and Danny about being the reincarnations of Laurel and Hardy.

What are the odds that I would contact two unknown comedians, knowing next to nothing about them, tell them that they are the reincarnation of Laurel & Hardy and find that they have Laurel & Hardy's artifacts, including clothing, in their home?  The odds are astronomical.

In addition, I attended an Off Broadway performance that Josh and Danny did in January 2006, in which they replicated the comedic development of Laurel & Hardy, even creating their own silent movie.  As in the cases of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen, Paul Gauguin | Peter Teekamp, and in the cases involving Penney Peirce, talent is observed to be replicated from lifetime to lifetime.

The Bacher Boy cases represent a category of reincarnation cases which I call "affinity cases," in which individuals are naturally attracted to their own past life personas. Another s significant affinity case involves Halle Berry, who has been identified as the reincarnation of Dorothy Dandridge. Halle Berry went to great lengths to create a movie about Dandridge, which is entitled Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.

Join the Society for Scientific Exploration

In closing, I encourage those interested in reincarnation and related subjects to join the Society for Scientific Exploration, which Ian Stevenson himself cofounded. It is an organization of scientists and other academics who seek to solve mysteries of life in an objective way. Though full members do need to have a doctorate degree, people can join as Associate Members without this requirement. I hope to see many of you at future SSE meetings.

Thank You, Ian Stevenson

In conclusion, I would like to thank Dr. Ian Stevenson himself for the pioneering work that he has done regarding objective evidence of reincarnation.  He has left a treasure chest of data which we can use to better formulate a comprehensive understanding of how reincarnation works.

With Dr. Stevenson's cases, and with the new reincarnation cases that have surfaced and that will continue to emerge, I'm confident that objective evidence of reincarnation will transform the world for the better. Thank you for your kind attention and please support the Society for Scientific Exploration, as well as IISIS.

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