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Laurel & Hardy Create Reincarnation Exploration Video


Television Pilot featuring the Reincarnation Cases of Laurel & Hardy | Josh & Danny Bacher
Created by the Bacher Boys & Produced by Walter Semkiw, MD


BBC & Weinstein Company Laurel & Hardy Biopic

First of all, I am happy to report that a new biographic movie is being produced by the BBC, which will bring Laurel & Hardy back into our collective consciousness and hopefully, will draw interest in in the reincarnation cases of Laurel & Hardy. As in other reincarnation cases, a strong physical resemblance exists between Stan and Ollie, Josh and Danny.

In Reincarnation Exploration, Walter informs Josh & Danny of their past lives as Stan & Ollie. The Bacher Boys, initially perplexed, then relate that Laurel & Hardy have been the biggest influences in their lives, a fact that was previously unknown to Walter. Clips from their first Off Broadway show that Josh & Danny have replicated the comedic development of Laurel & Hardy.

In addition, Josh & Danny's parents are interviewed, who reveal that when young, the boys extensively pretended that they were Laurel & Hardy. In this video, we see that they made slapstick movies as children. The brothers' world class collection of Laurel & Hardy memorabilia, including clothing Stan & Ollie wore, is featured. The brothers started their collection years before Walter contacted them regarding their past lives as Stan & Ollie.  Walter was also unaware of the Bacher Boys obsession with Laurel & Hardy or their memorabilia collection before contacting them. The Laurel & Hardy | Bacher Boys cases fall in the category of "affinity" reincarnation cases, in which people are attracted to their own past life personas. Another affinity case is the: Reincarnation Case of Halle Berry | Dorothy Dandridge



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