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Reincarnation Case of Lyman Trumbull | Barack Obama

with the Reincarnation Case of Abraham Lincoln


Revealed by: Spirit Guide or Spirit Being Ahtun Re in a Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Research Session

Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD


When Barack Obama rose upon the US national political stage with his 2008 run for the Presidency, many people wrote to me with the speculation that he is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.  Though I did not think that it was a valid match, I asked Ahtun Re in a session with Kevin Ryerson whether it is possible that Obama is the reincarnation of Lincoln.  Ahtun Re said, "No, but he was close to Lincoln."

Ahtun Re explained that Obama was a fellow Senator from Illinois who served with Lincoln, who was involved with writing the constitutional amendment which ended slavery.  Ahtun Re later confirmed that Obama was Lyman Trumbull, an abolistionist who as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, co-wrote the 13th amendment which did end slavery in the United States.

A related case, given the 2012 presidential race, is the reincarnation case of Almon Babbit | Mitt Romney.

The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and Family

Contemporary incarnations of Abraham Lincoln and his family members are found in my book, Born Again: Reincarnation Cases Involving Evidence of Past Lives, with Xenoglossy Cases Researched by Ian Stevenson, MD.

Steven Spielberg has been identified as one of Lincoln's sons, Robert Todd lincoln, as described with the reincarnation case of Edwin Booth | Amitabh Bachchan. Edwin Booth was a leading actor of the era and the brother of John Wilkes Booth, who assasinated Lincoln.

If the Trumbull | Obama reincarnation case is accepted, it demonstrates the following features:

Principles of Reincarnation & Understanding Past Lives

Physical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases: The facial features of Lyman Trumbull and Barack Obama are consistent.

Past Life Talent: Lyman Trumbull served on the US Senate Judiciary Committee and Barack Obama has been a professor of law and editor of the Harvard Law Review.

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation: It is likely that Lyman Trumbull knew Abraham Lincoln's son, Robert Todd Lincoln,  who has reincarnated as Steven Spielberg. Spielberg is considered a friend of Barack Obama and they have had meals together.

Change in Race: Lyman Trumbull was Caucasian, while Barack Obama is African American, having an African father and a caucasian, American mother.

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