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Past Lives and Reincarnation Cases of

Business Leader and Entrepenuers









Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Cases by Profession

Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs


Walter C. Baker (Baker Motor Vehicle Co.) | Sergey Brin

Napoleon Bonaparte | Jack Welch

Basile Bouchon (Jacquard Loom) | Bill Gates (Microsoft Co-Founder)

Dale Carnegie | Lee Pulos

Abraham Clark | Isaac Tigrett

Thomas Edison | Elon Musk

William Fargo | George Zimmer

Charles R. Flint | Sean Parker

Henry Ford | Carl Frankel

James Forrestal | Joe Firmage

George Heriot | Richard Branson

Herman Hollerith | Mark Zuckerberg

Fred Morgan Kirby (Woolworth's) | Jeff Bezos

Edward Lloyd (Founder of Lloyds of London) | Warren Buffett

Alfred Thayer Mahan | Jeff Bezos

JP Morgan | Tim Draper

John Morton (Signer of US Declaration of Independence) | Sir John Templeton

Jacques Vaucanson (Jacquard Loom) |  Paul Allen (Microsoft Co-Founder)

George Washington Vanderbilt II | Steve Wynn


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