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IISIS Reincarnation Research Web Site Development & Social Media Director


Gaurav Rehki


I have held product and marketing leadership positions in both early stage and Fortune 100 technology companies. I currently work at eBay Inc. in San Jose and lead social ventures (incubating new products for social good) for Marketplaces business. An entrepreneur by heart, I have been involved in several companies that  include Social Piggy Bank (founder and CEO), WineGlobe (founder & board member), Vianeta Communications (company sold), and Ibiza (founder and CEO).

I live in the Bay Area and love spending time with my family. I met Walter Semkiw shortly after my 6-year old daughter passed away because of a tragic accident and I found his mission for IISIS to be very authentic. After reading through several books and cases, my belief in reincarnation solidified and I reached out to Walter to figure out ways I can contribute my time to help build awareness for IISIS. I am currently helping re-build the brand, website, and social media presence for IISIS. If you are in the field and would like to contribute, please reach out to me. E Mail:


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