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Reincarnation in Judaism and Holocaust Reincarnation Cases








Holocaust Reincarnation Cases & Research

View Video with Past Life Research of Ian Stevenson, MD at University of Virginia: Evidence of Reincarnation

Holocaust reincarnation cases-Ian Stevenson, MD researchGenocide has been committed against many religous and ethinic groups.  The Holocaust, involving European Jews during World War II, has become a symbol of genocide.

Evidence of reincarnation can help prevent such acts from occurring as reincarnation research shows that we can change religion, nationality and ethnic affiliation from one lifetime to another.

Holocaust Past Life Stories with Physical Resemblance

Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen Reincarnation Case

Ian Stevenson, MD, of the University of Virginia, Holocaust Reincarnation Cases

Young Holocaust Victim | David Llewelyn Reincarnation Case

Jewish Nazi Concentration Camp Victim | Teuvo Koivisto Reincarnation Case


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