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Calling Earth

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) & Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) Video by Daniel Drasin


Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD

Daniel Drasin has produced an excellent documentary on ITC and EVP.  Though it is still a work in progress, he has graciously allowed IISIS to post his video.  So that viewers are not confused, I do need to point out a discrepancy between the video and my book, Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of Reincarnation.  This involves the dramatic image of Frederick Juergenson transmitted from the spirit world and captured on a TV screen.

In the video, it is stated that the Juergenson image appeared on the TV of a couple who did not know Juergenson.  In Orign of the Soul, the reported turn of events is based on documentation from Conversations Beyond the Light: Communication With Departed Friends & Colleagues by Electronic Means, by Pat Kubis and Mark Macy.  In Conversations Beyond the Light, it is written:

"Juergenson was psychically gifted, a characteristic typical of the most successful experimenters in EVP and ITC.  Before, during and after his death he maintained a close telepathic rapport with his friend Charles Thorlin.  On the day he died, Juergenson issued a silent message to his friend Tholin that he (Juergenson) would try, during his own funeral ceremony, to manifest an image of himself on his friend’s TV.  So, while most of Juergenson’s loved ones were at his funeral, Tholin was at home, capturing this picture of his old friend with a Polaroid camera."

With this clarification, please enjoy Daniel Drasin's wonderful documentary:


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