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Reincarnations of Laurel and Hardy




Laurel & Hardy Memorabilia


Collection of Danny Bacher (Oliver Hardy) -Video


Laurel and Hardy Memorabilia Collection of Danny Bacher, Reincarnation of Oliver HardyView the: Reincarnation Cases of Laurel & Hardy | Josh & Danny Bacher

Walter Semkiw, MD, identifed Josh and Danny Bacher as the reincarnations of Laurel & Hardy through his work with world famous trance medium Kevin Ryerson. When Walter telephoned Danny Bacher to inform him of his and Josh's past lifes, Walter had no idea that Josh and Danny have had a life long obsession with Stan and Ollie. In fact, Danny has a world class collection of Oliver and Hardy memorabilia, including the pants that Ollie wore in the movie, Way Out West, as well as a suit that Ollie wore and a jacket that belonged to Stan. As in other reincarnation cases, a strong physical resemblance exists between Stan and Ollie, Josh and Danny.

The Laurel & Hardy | Bacher Boys cases fall in the category of "affinity" reincarnation cases, in which people are attracted to their own past life personas. Another affinity case is the: Reincarnation Case of Halle Berry | Dorothy Dandridge

In the video posted below, Danny gives a tour of his extensive collection of Laurel and Hardy momentos.



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