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IISIS Reincarnation Research & Spiritual Communication

University Liason


Mary Fong, PhD


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Mary Fong is a professor of Communication Studies at California State University, San Bernardino. Her teaching and research interests are in Cultural and Intercultural Communication, Ethnography of Communication, Instructional Communication and Language & Social Interaction. Mary's primary research interests include the communication patterns of the Chinese (from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, and U.S.) in cultural and intercultural interactions.

Spiritual Communication

Mary also is interested in and teaches a course on Spiritual Communication. Scientific research conducted by Gary Schwartz, PhD at the University of Arizona has demonstrated that Spiritual Communication is a valid phenomenon.

She has been recognized for her three research presentations on Top Paper panels in the Language and Social Interaction Division and the Intercultural and International Division at the National Communication Association (NCA) and Western States Communication Association (WSCA) conventions. She is the former chair of the Asian Pacific American Communication Division (APAC) affiliated with NCA and also has chaired the APAC Caucus of NCA. In addition she is the Past President of the Association for Chinese Communication Studies of NCA. At CSUSB, she has served as Ethnic Studies Coordinator (2003-06) and Teaching Associate Coordinator (2002-07). She has been a recipient of the University Diversity award and the university-wide Outstanding Adviser award.

Mary has co-edited and co-authored a textbook, Communicating Ethnic and Cultural Identity. Articles she has written have been published in the Howard Journal of Communication, Journal of Pragmatics, Intercultural Communication Studies, Intercultural Communication: A Reader, Our Voices, Intercultural Encounters, China Media Research, New Directions In Teaching and Learning, and others.

She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California, Master’s degree at Long Beach State University and her PhD at the University of Washington.

Soul Energy Gratitudes

In addition to her academic career, Mary is the creator and artistic director of, a website and store where one can obtain gratitude gifts and cards for all occasions.

IISIS Board Member

Mary met Walter Semkiw when he offered to come to her Spiritual Communication course to speak with her students who had read his book, Origin of the Soul and the Purpose of Reincarnation. Mary had organized an event, Five Decades of Reincarnation Research at California State University, San Bernardino in 2013 where Walter and Barbro Karlen were the speakers. Close to 150 people attended this very successful event.

Mary sees it as a privilege to serve IISIS by contacting universities to develop educational reincarnation events. Also, she hopes to encourage and assist professors to teach spiritual communication courses, particularly in Communication Studies departments in order to educate students in their awareness and understanding of the various topics related to spirituality from afterlife communication to personal growth.

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