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Evidence of Reincarnation and Past Life Birthmarks






Past Life or Reincarnation Scars, Birthmarks & Defects



Past Life Scars, Birthmarks & Birth Defects-Titu Singh Reincarnation CaseReincarnation researchers, including Ian Stevenson, MD at the University of Virginia, Satwant Pasricha, PhD & N. K. Chadha, PhD, have observed that individuals who died of traumatic wounds, such as a gunshot, stab wound, burn or trauma incurred in a motor vehicle accident, can have birthmarks, scars or birth defects in their next incarnation at the same spot on the body as the past life traumatic wound.  Cases that demonstrate this phenomenon are listed below.  The image to the right is from the reincarnation case of Titu Singh.  The round birthmark near Titu’s temple reflects a bullet wound he incurred during his life as Suresh Verma. Place your cursor on the image to enlarge. This case, as well as a well-produced video regarding Titu’s story, is provided below.

How can a traumatic wound create a scar or birthmark in a subsequent lifetime? It is my opinion that the soul projects a hologram, template or energy body into the developing fetus, which the body shapes around. This template is responsible for similar appearance from one lifetime to another.  This template or hologram can also be imprinted by traumatic wounds, which result in birthmarks in a future lifetime. A more complete discussion of how this may work is featured in the section: Principles of Reincarnation


Suresh Verma is Shot in the Head & Reincarnates as Titu Singh with Birthmarks that Reflect Suresh's Bullet Wounds

Mushar Ali, a Muslim, is Killed by a Tractor & Reincarnates as a Hindu with a Corresponding Birth Defect

Hardevbaksh Singh, a Hindu, is Killed in a Fight & Reincarnates as a Muslim with Birthmarks Reflecting Hardevhaksh's Wounds

Oma Devi, a Hindu, Pours Kerosene on Her Body, Sets Herself on Fire and Reincarnates as a Muslim with Birthmarks

Mithilesh Singh Pours Kerosene on Her Head, Sets Herself on Fire & is Reborn with Red Marks on her Head & Body

A Druse Boy Remembers Being Killed by an Ax Blow to the Head & Finds his Past Life Murderer, Who Confesses

Note to Readers Regarding Reincarnation Cases researched by Ian Stevenson, MD & Associates at the University of Virginia, on the IISIS web site:

Ian Stevenson cases are presented on the IISIS web site in story form for clarity.  For those interested in the multiple witnesses interviewed for each case and their corresponding testimony, please refer to the original reports written by Dr. Ian Stevenson.

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