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Past Lives and Reincarnation Cases of TV and


Movie Stars and Producers






Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Cases by Profession

Directors, Producers & Writers (Movies, Theater & Television)


Edgar Rice Burroughs | David Cameron

Hugo Ball (Dada movement) | Roman Polanski

William Camden | Robert Rosen (UCLA)-from Born Again, International Edition

Pierre Corneille (born 1606) | James L. Brooks

Victor Clyde Forsythe | George Lucas: Split Incarnation

Oliver Goldsmith | Neil Simon

D.W. Griffith | Oliver Stone

Alfred Hitchcock | Oren Moverman

Robert Todd Lincoln | Steven Spielberg-from Born Again, International Edition

Wilbur Siebert | Tyler Perry

David O. Selznick | Ben Stiller

Thomas Lincoln | David E. Kelley-from Born Again, International Edition

William Wallace Lincoln | Tom Hanks-from Born Again, International Edition

John Nevil Maskelyne | David Lynch

Daphne Du Maurier | Donald Margulies

George Melies | Stephen Simon

Max Reinhardt | Dan Karslake

David O Selznick | Ben Stiller

Wilbur Seibert | Tyler Perry

Tom Taylor | David Mamet-from Born Again, International Edition

Nakamura Utaemon V | Lana Wachowski

H.G. Wells | Ridley Scott


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