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Evidence of Reincarnation:

Deja Vu and Geographic Memory







Geographic Past Life Memory & Deja Vu in

Reincarnation & Children's Past Life Stories

Geographic Memory & Deja Vu in Reincarnation Research: Definitions

Independently Researched Reincarnation Cases with Physical Resemblance & Geographic Memory or Deja Vu

Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen: Barbro Finds her way Home to the Anne Frank House

Neurosurgeon Norm Shealy is Intuitively Guided to his Past Life Medical Office

John B. Gordon | Jeff Keene: An Emotional Flood at the Civil War Battlefield of Antietam

Louise Vanderbilt | Wayne Peterson: A Past Life Epiphany on Fifth Avenue

Francesco Foscari | Wayne Peterson: Wayne Finds his Tomb in Venice

Penney Peirce Retraces her Steps from her Past LIfetime as Charles Parkhurst

Karen Pigott feels Sick on the Road where She was Murdered in a Past Lifetime

Ian Stevenson Turkish Children's Past Life Stories with Geographic Memory or Deja Vu

After Dying in a Plane Crash, Ahmet Delibalta Reincarnates and Finds his Way Home

Nasir Alev Dies of Tetanus, Reincarnates and finds his Past Life Daughter and Leads her Home

After being Murdered, Abit Suzulmus Finds his Way to his Past Life Home and his Murdered Past Life Wife

Mehmet Cosman Drowns, Reincarnates Next Door to his Past Life Family and as Toddler, Walks Home

Ian Stevenson European Children's Past Life Stories with Geographic Memory or Deja Vu

Peter Avery Experiences a Flood of Emotions in Isfahan, Iran

Ibleto di Challant | Giuseppie Costa: Emotions Relived in Italian Castles and a Church

Gioanna Spontini | Laure Raynaud: Laure Remembers Where She is Buried

Blanche Courtain: A Little Girl Finds her Past Life Pharmacy

Margaret Kempthorne | Gladys Deacon: A Girl Remembers a Past Life Fall

Ruprecht Schultz Remembers his Past Lifetime as Helmut Kohler in a Dark Hallway

Ian Stevenson Thai Children's Past Life Stories with Geographic Memory or Deja Vu

Chaote Stumbles upon the Site where a Woman Gave Birth on a Past Life Road

Other Ian Stevenson, MD Reincarnation Cases with Geographic Memory or Deja Vu

Mushir Ali, A Muslim, Reincarnates into a Hindu Family and Finds his Past Life Home and Family -New Case

A Boy has Sudden Past Life Recall and Finds his Way to his Past Life Home and Buried Treasure

Gamini, Born into a Buddhist family, find his Christian Past Life Home & Boarding House at St. Mary's College


Note to Readers: Ian Stevenson. MD was a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia who wrote in a very academic style, as his target audience was fellow scientists.  On the IISIS web site, his past life identity cases are presented as children’s past life-reincarnation stories to make his academic work easier to understand. For those interested in appreciating the scientific rigor of his research, such as his use of multiple witnesses to establish corroborated testimony, please refer to the original reports written by Dr. Ian Stevenson.


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