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Support Translation of Proof of Reincarnation-Past Life Cases


IISIS is in the process of translating key evidence of reincarnation cases into multiple languages.

As noted in the section, "Why Support IISIS Reincarnation Research," independently researched reincarnation cases, including past life cases studied by Ian Stevenson, MD, in aggregate provide proof of reincarnation.  These cases show that people can change religion, nationality, race, gender and ethnic affliation from one lifetime to another.

Most wars and conflicts are based on groups of people seeing themselves as different from other groups, based on cultural markers of identity such as religion, nationality and ethnic affliliation.

When people realize that these markers of identity are temporary, that we can change religion, nationality and ethnic affiliation from one lifetime to another, then wars and conflict based on these differences will end.

Help us translate important, independently researched reincarnation cases, so that they will be available to people around the world.

If you have language skills, you can volunteer to translate cases.  You can also donate money to have professional translation done.  Volunteers and contributors will be acknowlegded for cases they translate or sponsor, though support can also be anonymous.  Help IISIS create a more peaceful and evolved world.

The section Principles of Reincarnation and the 21 independently researched reincarnation cases cited on that page serve as a template for IISIS translation efforts.

To be an IISIS translation volunteer, contact: Walter Semkiw, MD at


Donate Money for Translation of Proof of Reincarnation Cases


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