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Evidence or Proof of Reincarnation-Past Life Research Videos


Evidence of Reincarnation

An excerpt from Supernatural Investigator: Reincarnation by David Brady Productions


Featuring Walter Semkiw, MD, Jim Tucker, MD & Stanley Krippner, PhD discussing Ian Stevenson's Reincarnation Research, Walter Semkiw, MD & Jim Tucker, MD presenting the James Huston | James Leininger Reincarnation Case & Barbro Karlen describing her Childhood Memories of a Past Lifetime as Holocaust Victim Anne Frank



IISIS Board Member Robert Snow is featured on Katie Couric's Show Katie

Robert Snow Reincarnation-Past Life Regression Videos


Robert Snow's Past Life Regression Experience-1 hour 6 minutes

Robert Snow on Beyond Chance TV Show-9 minutes

Robert Snow Past on National Enquirer TV-3 minutes

Robert Snow's Past Life Regression Experience


Police Captain Robert Snow relates how he went for a past life regression on a dare and was transformed from a skeptic to a believer in reincarnation when he was able to validate his past lifetime as artist Carroll Beckwith.  Captain Snow tells his story in a very humorous and entertaining way, which will draw in the viewer from the start.  This video provides one of the best descriptions of what it is like to undergo a past life regression, as well as one of the funniest accounts of what it is like to encounter memories of a past incarnation.



Robert Snow Beyond Chance Reincarnation TV Show


Robert Snow Past Life Regression on National Enquirer TV



Suresh Verma | Titu Singh Reincarnation Case with Past Life Birthmarks or Scars


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