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Submit Reincarnation Cases & Evidence of Spirit Beings

to IISIS for Review and Posting

IISIS serves to make evidence of reincarnation available to people around the world.  In addition to serving this educational role, IISIS is a place where new reincarnation cases can be submitted for review and posting on the IISIS web site.

Past life cases that are objectively validated and provide strong evidence of reincarnation may be posted under the category of Independently Derived Reincarnation Cases.

Proposed reincarnation cases or past life stories that are not strong enough to stand on their own may be evaluated by Walter Semkiw, MD in collaboration with Kevin Ryerson. Kevin is a world-famous trance medium who channels a spirit being named Ahtun Re, who has demonstrated the ability to make accurate reincarnation matches.  Reincarnation cases that are deemed valid through this process may be posted under Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Cases.

We are also interested in cases that provide evidence of beings who exist in the spiritual world. Such cases may be posted under Spirit Beings.

If you would like to contact IISIS regarding a reincarnation case or evidence of spirit beings, please contact us.

Submit Reincarnation Cases & Evidence of Spirit Beings to IISIS


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