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Past Life and Reincarnation Cases of Civil Rights Leaders, Abolitionists and Activists







Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Past Lives Cases by Profession

Social Activists, Abolitionists & Civil Rights Leaders


Emile Zola | Julian Assange

Banna-Amistad Africans | Jesse Jackson-from Return of the Revolutionaries

Roger Baldwin | Kweisi Mfume-from Return of the Revolutionaries

Henry Ward Beecher | Jon Stewart

Jehial Beman, (abolitionist) | Lee Alcorn-Dallas Civil Rights Leader

John Brown | Louis Farrakhan

Anthony Burns (fugitive slave) | Rev. Kelly M. Smith (Nashville Christian Leadership)

Cinque-Amistad Africans | Martin Luther King-from Return of the Revolutionaries

Frederick Douglass | Walter Edward Fauntroy

Fuli-Amistad Africans | Andrew Young-from Return of the Revolutionaries

Helen Keller | Malala Yousafzai

Kenna or Kinna-Amistad Africans | Malcolm X-from Return of the Revolutionaries

Magru-Amistad Africans | Coretta King-from Return of the Revolutionaries

William Cooper Nell | Gavin Newsom

Caesar Rodney | Ella Baker

Wilbert Siebert | Tyler Perry

Elizabeth Cady Stanton | Diane Feinstein

Theodore Tilton | Matthew David McConaughey

Harriet Tubman | Angela Davis

Gustavus Vassa (fugitive slave) | Rev. L. Charles Stovall (Munger Place United Methodist Church in Dallas)

George Boyer Vashan | Kanya Vashon

Booker T. Washington | Cory Booker

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