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One Life, One Body, One Consciousness

Essay by Wayne Peterson

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Wayne Peterson is a Scholar of Theosophy & the Writings of Alice Bailey

I believe that most people, when confronted with the idea of reincarnation, immediately think of the eastern religions of Buddhism or Hinduism. The fact is that all the major religions of the modern world, including Christianity, have references to the law of rebirth. A number of passages from the Christian Bible are quite clear that Jesus and his followers discussed this topic.  My favorite reincarnation story comes from the New Testament, when Jesus unequivocally states...that John the Baptist is the reincarnation of the prophet Elias.  "Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist.  ...And if ye will receive it, this is Elias....He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. "(Matthew 11:11-15)

I was surprised and pleased to discover that my local Kabala Center was offering classes on reincarnation and publicizing it to the general public.  I attended the classes to get their ancient view of this topic.  Kabala teachings, which were once an esoteric teaching open only to a select group of Jewish rabbis, is now open to the general public. In the past fifty years, there has been a new interest in reincarnation in the Western countries, probably the result of New Age literature and eastern gurus attracting large groups of followers in North America and Europe.  Revealing the secrets of Kabala regarding reincarnation is another example of opening this topic up to the general public.

Since I am a student of the ancient wisdom and the secret (esoteric) doctrine of the Masters of Wisdom, I do not fully accept the Buddhist or Hindu ideas of reincarnation.  In fact, most Hindu teachings on this topic would be better called 'transmigration of souls' not reincarnation.  Transmigration is the belief that souls can migrate into animal bodies.  Either way, the esotericist and Theosophist sees life as one complete flow of life energy on an evolutionary journey from the moment the human soul individualizes to our entry into a higher spiritual realm, which incidentally, is known by many names to different cultures and different religions.  Therefore, I see our long life on planet earth as one life, one soul and one consciousness.

The Human Soul

To understand the journey of each human life on planet earth over a vast period of time, one has to know a little about the human soul.  God imminent dwells within the spark of divinity that is at the center of each human soul.  Its purpose is to spiritualize the material body, which is its vehicle.  This may sound strange to some but the ancient literature is full of information telling us that the goal of the soul is to burn away its physical shadow, the human body.  The vehicle is not only the physical body but also what we call the personality and the mind.

To spiritualize the entire three part human body means we convert dense physical matter and etheric physical matter into light or spirit.  In the process, we learn the secrets of life and soul energy expands.  We become soul infused until there is nothing remaining to turn into spirit and we become what many call an ascended being.  This does not take place automatically.  We have to use our body, mind and spirit to force this process by reaching for the light of the soul.  If we do not align ourselves correctly through proper living, the light of the soul cannot enter our lower bodies and we will remain stuck life after life at the same point of evolution.  Others who have learned how to live correctly will move forward on their evolutionary path and be resurrected into a body of pure light.

If we remain too long at the same point of evolution life after life, we run the risk of becoming a lost soul.  That means the soul can be reabsorbed into the body of God and lost as an individual unity of consciousness.  We need not dwell on this topic since it is complex and rare that humans would resist endlessly their goal of evolution and eventually ascension.

When the body is perfected, it means the soul has accomplished its task of spiritualizing the physical matter and transforming it (transfiguration) into light.  When the job is complete, we literally are resurrected in a body of light.  The life of Jesus openly demonstrated these steps.  The five major steps are, in esoteric language, called the five initiations.  They are the Birth, the Baptism, the Transfiguration on the mount, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection of the body of light.  As Jesus demonstrated these steps, we will eventually follow.

The question that should come to mind as we ponder this transformation is how does the human soul accomplish this job?  The Bible and numerous other great spiritual books will tell you that God is called an "all-consuming fire" or flame.  The image of fire holds a special place in all religions both ancient and modern.  That tiny spark of the divine in a new soul eventually becomes a consuming flame that feeds on the sub-atomic material matter of the human body.  After many incarnations of trial and error humans learn how to cause their souls to burn away the dense matter faster and faster.  What remains at the sub-atomic level is light, or spirit.

Advanced Initiates

Consider the bodies of highly advanced souls.  Saintly persons who after death of the body were found to be preserved or uncorrupted, have demonstrated this in all cultures.  St. Theresa of Avila, a Catholic saint in Spain, was discovered to have a preserved body years after her death, when they moved her body to a new burial site in her home town of Avila.  During that move it was discovered that her body had not decayed or decomposed.  She lived her earthly life as an advanced soul.  She had already achieved an advanced state of evolution and her soul had transformed her sub-atomic particles into light.  There was little to decay.  Light or spirit does not decay.

We also have the example of holy men and women in the eastern world that have demonstrated these same qualities.  Paramahansa Yogananda, who spent years in California teaching spiritual topics, was also found to have a body that would not decay after death.  These are examples of the natural laws of the universe telling us that our path will eventually lead us all to a spiritualized body of light and the resurrection into a superior state of being.

The Flame Within

The new soul and human body looks very different from an old soul nearing its final resurrection from the earthly state.  We could all see these bodily differences if we had etheric sight, which is the ability to see the higher, very rare states of matter.  The new soul has a very tiny and dim spark of the divine buried within layers of tightly folded sheaths of mental matter.  We must always remember that mental matter is still physical although very rarefied.

Around the spark of the divine in each soul are three permanent atoms. These act as the three seeds for regeneration that accounts for the physical body, the astral body, and the mental body.  As the individual spark of the divine begins to grow into a flame, it slowly illuminates the mental sheaths, which begin to open.  This process is well known to Buddhists who use the image of the lotus blossom petals unfolding.

As the flame moves beyond the mental sheaths, the flame of the soul begins to feed upon the dense physical matter of the human body.  As the individual gradually becomes more spiritual, his/her body is changed progressively into a body of light.  At that moment that we humans call death, the atoms of the physical bodies, (dense physical, astral and mental) disperse.  The lower physical body atoms temporarily return to various forms of nature where they may dwell in plants or rocks and even animals until called upon again by the permanent atoms.

I believe that it is this process of human atoms temporarily returning to various forms of nature that gave rise to the eastern religions erroneous idea that humans could return to animals.  At the death of the human body, the human soul temporarily separates from the lower physical form, its shadow.

The divine spark and consciousness along with its three permanent atoms that are the seeds for the physical, astral/emotional and mental bodies remain intact on a spiritual plane that some would call heaven and perhaps for some it may be a more hellish state. Whatever state, it is only temporary.  The atoms of the lower human physical matter scatter until called upon again.  In a spiritually advanced human, there are fewer of these lower material atoms to scatter.  The atoms of light are attached to the ever evolving soul.  The atoms of light greatly enlarge the Divine spark into an ever growing flame.

The three important permanent atoms always remain with the soul flame (the Divine Spark) until it is time for rejuvenation or rebirth.  Then the three permanent atoms, through a magnetic process, begin to attract back to it all the subatomic material from its former existence of the previous life.  The physical body rebuilds itself from the same physical material from the atomic level rebirth after rebirth.  This is crucial to the evolving soul if it is to continue its evolutionary journey of spiritualization of the body through the process of burning away the dense physical matter and transforming it to light.


At some point the human soul in its discarnate state, decides to reattach itself to a dense human body to experience evolution again.  The soul can then easily begin again the process of spiritualizing its physical form exactly from the point where it left off at the last bodily death at the very same exact point in evolution.  Nothing is lost.  The same reconstituted body, mind and consciousness continues its journey. One could say that we humans have but one life.  It is very long and divided into many chapters we call death, but it is nevertheless one continuous life up to the resurrection of the body into pure light and a greatly expanded consciousness.

It is not much different than when we go to sleep at the end of each day.  Our body and mind are alive and active at the beginning of each new day.  When we reach the end of a working day and retire to our homes, we begin to tire and feel the need for rest and sleep.  A night of sleep restores our body and energy so that the following morning we are renewed and again ready to progress with the day's activities.

So it is also with death.  It is only a short sleep to renew the body and mind for the next life activity.  All the elements are in place to continue our journey.  We continue with the same physical body, the same mental body and certainly the same soul.  We begin exactly where we left off before the break in consciousness.

Most people do not remember former lives even though we have the same mental matter in our current life.  This is probably a blessing since to remember the past would complicate the thinking of a newly incarnated baby.  It is logical, however, that at some point we all will remember important things from our past lives.

Many today can recall past lives.  When this happens it is usually a sign that we are approaching the end of our life journey on earth.  Currently, the most important past life memories for the average person are an intuitive attraction to some people but not others.  People do make close friends with those they have known in previous lives.  Yes, without a doubt, our current friends and family were with us in our past life and other past lives.

Group Incarnation

This brings up the topic of great importance about reincarnation.  We do not reincarnate alone.  We come back to this dense world of traumatic events not alone, but surrounded by our family and friends again and again after huge numbers of incarnations together.  Some esoteric teachings tell us that we may have upwards of hundreds of people in our lives that were with us on our long journey on earth incarnation after incarnation.  This again would be logical since the law of Karma, or the Biblical, 'what you sow you shall also reap', could not work, or come to completion, if we did not have to encounter those who offended us and those we offended.  We all need time to deal with our karma.

Why do we reincarnate?  Many spiritual writings suggest that our soul returns to its physical vehicle because its work to perfect its vehicle (the body) has not been completed.  It is necessary to complete the karmic relationships so that we as a spiritual being can move on by ending existence in a dense physical form.

This is very true, but we must not forget one important fact.  The fact remains that the flame of God imminent at the core of each soul has a desire to serve.  Our God is a God of love/mercy and serves humanity through the process of spiritualization.  We as humans serve God by serving our brother/sister souls and also by serving all material creation through the process of spiritualization of matter.

As we spiritualize so does all matter surrounding us in nature.  This process of spiritualization is not only to save us, but to save the entire world of material creation from the dark forces that would hold it frozen in place forever. Everything in nature wants to evolve.

Each human soul, whose flame of spirit grows in each incarnation, not only lifts its personal self to a higher level of spirit, but also lifts all humanity just a little higher.  Physicists will tell us that new insights into the laws of matter show us that all is interconnected.  Every personal action has an impact on the rest of the world and almost always in ways which we could never imagine.

If we could understand this law of interconnectiveness of all life on our planet, we would be able to comprehend what the great spiritual teachers have always taught.  Do onto others, as we would have them do unto us, or any other such statement that suggests there is truly a brotherhood of man. The brotherhood of man is not just a nice thing for humans to experience, it is the physical and spiritual law of the universe.

It's time to take a new look at all those people who surround us in life since they have been traveling with us for eons of time. However, we now live in an extraordinary time when millions of souls are completing their earthly journey.  Millions will soon experience a resurrection of their bodies of light because our souls have completed their work of the spiritualization of the physical form.

In the past only a few souls here and there, one at a time, accomplished this task.  Now, however, the universe thrills with excitement as the human race begins its first true large group graduation program.

Wayne Peterson

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