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Past Lives: Religion & Belief vs Evidence & Knowledge

Reincarnation, Buddhism, Hinduism & the Civil War in Sri Lanka


by Walter Semkiw, MD

View Video with Past Life Research of Ian Stevenson, MD at University of Virginia: Evidence of Reincarnation

Despite Mutual Belief in Reincarnation, Religious Doctrine Separates Buddhists & Hindus

Reincarnation, Religion & Sri Lankan Civil War between Buddhists & HindusA civil war had been waged in Sri Lanka for twenty five years or so between the Buddhist majority and the Tamil Hindu minority, two groups that both believe in reincarnation.

In June 2009, I went on a tour of Indonesia, and of India, to promote the Indonesian & Indian versions of my book, Born Again, which features cases that demonstrate objective evidence of reincarnation. The Indonesian version of my book was published by a Buddhist organization and I spoke in front of 2500 followers of Buddhism. I then traveled to India to promote my books to a primarily Hindu population.

In this tour, I experienced why a war in Sri Lanka was possible between these two groups, the Buddhists and Tamil Hindus, who both believe in reincarnation.

Buddha, Buddhism and the Soul:

Based on Reincarnation Research, the Soul Must Exist


In Indonesia, the Buddhists asked me what the difference was between their concept of “rebirth,” as opposed to the Hindu concept of “reincarnation.” They asked me about Buddha’s declaration that there is no soul.  I explained that there must be some type of energetic structure such as the soul, as evidence of reincarnation shows that physical appearance, personality traits and talents can remain consistent from one lifetime to another, as described in Independently Researched Reincarnation Case Studies. If there is no structure such as the soul, where is such information stored in between and across incarnations?  Energetic properties of the soul are discussed in the section: Principles of Reincarnation

Reincarnation, the Hindu Caste System & Gods

The Hindus in India asked me if people reincarnate as animals. In Chennai, I learned from a Hindu housewife that the caste system is still alive and well, in that her husband will not allow their servants to cook, as the couple is Brahmin, while the servants are not.  Hindus have a tradition of worshiping various gods, while Buddhists do not.

I saw first hand that Buddhists and Hindus are very much separated by religious doctrine, in spite of a common belief in reincarnation. I also saw how these divisions melted away as I presented cases that demonstrate objective evidence of reincarnation.

Reincarnation Research shows Religion Can Change Across Lifetimes

Religions which believe in reincarnation, such as the Buddhists and Hindus, never mention that one can reincarnate in a different religion from one incarnation to another, yet that is what evidence of reincarnation demonstrates.

Religion, nationality and ethnic affiliation create the basis of our individual identities, but they also separate us, which makes conflict between groups and war possible. Each group believes that their God will protect them and as such, killing in the name of one’s group is justified.

As noted, these divisions in identity dissolve away when one comes face to face with evidence of reincarnation, which conveys the principle that we are universal human beings that can change cultural markers of identity from one incarnation to another.  In this way, evidence of reincarnation can help create a more peaceful world.

Evidence of reincarnation can help Sri Lanka become more tranquil, as Buddhists realize they can be born Hindu, and vice versa.

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