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IISIS Board Member Robert Snow is featured on Katie Couric's Show Katie

Robert Snow Reincarnation-Past Life Regression Videos


Robert Snow's Past Life Regression Experience-1 hour 6 minutes

Robert Snow on Beyond Chance TV Show-9 minutes

Robert Snow Past on National Enquirer TV-3 minutes

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Robert Snow's Past Life Regression Experience


Police Captain Robert Snow relates how he went for a past life regression on a dare and was transformed from a skeptic to a believer in reincarnation when he was able to validate his past lifetime as artist Carroll Beckwith.  Captain Snow tells his story in a very humorous and entertaining way, which will draw in the viewer from the start.  This video provides one of the best descriptions of what it is like to undergo a past life regression, as well as one of the funniest accounts of what it is like to encounter memories of a past incarnation.

The importance of Bob's appearance on Katie is demonstrated by the fact that the search phrase, "Who was Katie in Her Past Life," results in over 85 million search hits!



Robert Snow Beyond Chance Reincarnation TV Show


Robert Snow Past Life Regression on National Enquirer TV



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