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Past Life and Reincarnation Cases of Scientists









Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Cases by Profession

Scientists: Physicists, Chemists, Astronomoners & Aerospace

Haider Ali | Vikram Sarabhai-from Born Again, Indian Edition

Alexander Aksakoff | Andrjah Puterich-from Born Again, International Edition

Archimedes | Steve Isakawitz (Virgin Galactic Chief Technology Officer)

Albert Camus (Philosopher) | Brian Greene (String Theory Theorist)

Copernicus | Steve W. Squyres-from Origin of the Soul and Purpose of Reincarnation

Sir William Crookes | David Bohm-from Born Again, International Edition

Madame Curie | Candice Pert (author of Molecules of Emotion)

Pierre Gassendi (1592-1655) | Frijof Kapra

William Hirshel | Albert Einstein

James Clark Maxwell | Albert Einstein

Isaac Newton | Henry Cavendish

Ida Noddack | Jacob Barnett

David Rittenhouse | Carl Sagan

Tipu Sultan | Abdul Kalam-from Born Again, Indian Edition

Nikola Tesla | Saul Perlmutter


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