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Karma in a Xenoglossy Past Life Story of a German Woman







Karma in Xenoglossy Past Life Story of a German Woman

How Case Derived: Past Life Regression
Researcher: Ricne Galitain
From: Xenoglossy, by Ian Stevenson, MD

Article by Walter Semkiw, MD

A Poor German Woman Speaks a Past LIfe Language: French

Xenoglossy reincarnation story with bad karmaThis case dates back to 1862, when a hypnotist in Hamburg, Germany, named Ricne Galitian, hypnotized a poverty stricken German woman who began speaking French.  The German woman didn’t know French, yet she described events of a previous life in very good, conversational French.  In her usual state of consciousness, she could only speak German. 

Karma from a French Past Lifetime: Woman Pushed her Husband off a Cliff

The woman described the events of a previous lifetime in which she got rid of her husband by pushing him over a cliff.  She attributed her poverty as karma related to this act.

Though this German woman’s past life memories could not be verified, the report of her xenoglossy is notable, as it is one of the earliest accounts of this phenomenon.

Principles of Reincarnation & Understanding Past LIves

If this is accepted as a reincarnation case, it demonstrates the following features:

Xenoglossy: The German woman in this case, who was poor and uneducated, could speak French when she was hypnotized, but in her waking consciousness, she would only speak German.

Change of Nationality: This case demonstrates that a person can change nationality from one incarnation to another, from French in a past lifetime to German in a subsequent lifetime.


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