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Past Life Regression Explained and Who was I in a Past Life?







Past Life Regression Defined,

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View Robert Snow's Video on his Past Life Regression Experience-Must See!

IISIS Board Member Robert Snow has been Featured on Katie Couric's TV Show on Reincarnation

In a past life regression, one may access memories from a prior incarnation. In a regression, a facilitator encourages the client to enter into a relaxed state, which can allow past life memories to surface.

Visualization techniques are often used, such as having the client envision a peaceful setting, such as garden or meadow. The client, once relaxed, will then be encouraged to see themselves crossing a foot bridge or going through a gateway.  As the client crosses the barrier, scenes from past incarnations, past life memories, may be experienced.

Accuracy & Therapeutic Value of Past Life Memories

Regressions can lead to valid memories of past incarnations, as demonstrated in the reincarnation case of Carroll Beckwith | Robert Snow.   The compelling xenoglossy cases of Gretchen Gottlieb | Dolores Jay and Jenson Jacoby | TE also emerged through past life regression sessions.

Memories may also be inaccurate or distorted.  That said, past life regressions can be helpful in resolving phobias and other psychological problems. Even physical problems are reported to be helped through past life regression.

Please note that IISIS does not train or certify individuals who conduct past life regressions.  Resources provided below need to be evaluated by those interested. Individuals with psychiatric disorders who would like to have a past life regression done should see a facilitator who is a licensed mental heath professional.

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