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Split Incarnation: Twin Souls, Twin Flames or Parallel Lives

Past Life Stories of  Alice Cary  | Charles Parkhurst | Penney Peirce

A Spirit Being or Spirit Guide Reveals Past LIfe Identity

How Derived: Past Life Identifications made by a Spirit Being
Researcher: Penney Peirce
From: Born Again and Return of the Revolutionaries
Article by Walter Semkiw, MD

Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives

The compelling reincarnation cases of Alice Cary | Penny Peirce and Charles Parkhurst | Penney Peirce,if accepted, demonstrate a very interesting and important phenomenon, that a soul can animate two different bodies at the same time.  I have termed this split incarnation, as it appears that the soul can split itself, or project itself, into different physical bodies at the same time, This phenomenon has also been called parallel lives.

Alice Cary, the earliest incarnation in this series of lives, was born in 1820 and died in 1871. Charles Parkhurst was born in 1842, at a time when Alice Cary was 22 years old. Alice Cary died in 1871 at the age of 51, at time when Parkhurst was 29 years old.  As such, the lifetimes of Cary and Parkhurst overlapped by 29 years.

Parkhurst died 52 years after the death of Alice Cary, in 1933. Penney Peirce was born in 1949, 16 years after Parkhurst's death, 50 miles from the location where Parkhurst died.

Did Cary and Parkhurst Ever Meet?

It is of interest to wonder if Alice Cary and Charles Parkhurst ever crossed paths. Though there is no evidence to support that Cary and Parkhurst ever met, it appears that they did come in close proximity to each other. In 1850, Alice, at 30 years of age, journeyed from Ohio to visit John Greenleaf Whittier at his Massachusetts home, not far from where Parkhurst was living on his family's farm in Framingham.  Parkhurest was as an 8-year-old boy at the time.

The two people had another episode of geographic proximity 20 years later, in the summer of 1870 when Alice Cary made her last foray out of New York City to visit friends in Northampton, Massachusetts. Cary was 50 years old at the time.  Parkhurst, who was now 28 years of age, was living nearby in Massachusetts and was married in Northhampton 8 months later.

Parkhurst moved to New York in 1880, nine years after Cary died. Though it appears that the two never met, it is likely that Parkhurst knew of Cary. When Parkhurst was a young man, Cary was in her prime as an author, contributing to many popular magazines of the time. It is possible that Parkhurst read articles written by his split, Alice Cary.

Principles of Reincarnation &  Understanding Past Lives

Physical Resemblance: The facial features of Alice Cary, Charles Parkhurst and Penney Peirce are consistent.

Innate Talent: Alice Cary, Charles Parkhurst an Penney Peirce have all been published authors, whose focus has been on spirituality.

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation: Alice Cary was very close to her sister Phoebe, who appear to have reincarnated as Penney's sister Paula.

Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives: The lives of Alice Cary and Charles Parkhurst overlapped by 29 years.

Spirit Being or Spirit Guide Involvement: Penny Peirce's past life identities were revealed by a spirit guide channeled through a medium.

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