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Physical Resemblance and Past Life Relationships:

Reincarnation Case of Belle Starr | Karen Pigott





Past Life Dreams & Memories-ET or Spirit Being Contact

The Reincarnation Story of Belle Starr | Karen Pigott

How Derived:  Spontaneous Dreams in Childhood of a Past Lifetime
Researcher: Karen Pigott
Narrative by Karen Pigott, Edited by Walter Semkiw, MD

Belle Starr: February 5, 1848-February 3, 1889, Born in Missouri

Karen Pigott-Born in 1957 in Missouri


Karen Pigott’s Recurring Childhood Past Life Dream of Being Shot off a Horse


Karen is a registred nurse who works in a hospital surgical unit in Colorador. She has also worked in emergency rooms, as well as other medical settings.  As a young child, she started having dreams of a past lifetime as a woman outlaw.

Karen's past life memory provided below, which occurred when she was five years old, is the last event in Belle Starr’s life.

“As I rode even to the spot where he stood behind the bush I heard a loud blast and felt searing pain strike me in my upper left back, neck and face. I fell to the ground and lay on the damp earth. I was lying on my stomach and tried to raise myself up with my arms and was only able to lift myself up just a tiny bit and as I did this a second blast from the shotgun was fired into me.”

It is unusual for a five-year-old girl to have a recurring dream of being shot in the back, off a horse. Karen did not attempt to validate her memories until she was 14 years old.  In the narrative that follows, after each memory is described, her validation of the memory through historical research is presented.  Place your cursor on image comparisons to enlarge and the arrow keys to scroll on the enlarged image,

Please note that the strength of this reincarnation case rests upon the extremely detailed memories of a past lifetime that Karen, as a child, accessed through dreams, which were later historically validated.  Karen experienced these memories long before she read anything about Belle Starr.

Karen's Childhood & Her Desire to Learn about a Past LIfetime in the Wild West

Reincarnation Case of Belle Star-Karen PigottKaren grew up in Raytown, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City.  In 1967, when Karen was nine years old, her family moved to Torrance, California, as her father was hired by the company, TRW.  In 1972, when Karen was 14, her family moved back to Missouri.

At this time, Karen started to read about women outlaws in an attempt to identify a past lifetime that she saw in her dreams.  As such, Karen began trying to validate her memories 9 years after her recollections of a past lifetime started to occur.  Karen explains:

“In the summer of 1972, I started to become more and more interested in reincarnation. I felt like I was being either guided or pushed into my pursuit by something, I did not know what. My mother and I would go to the library for books and I would get books on past lives. I became driven in my pursuit to find out who I had been. All I had to go on was all my dreams that I had about the Wild West.

I came up with an idea one day that I should get books on women in the Wild West. I reasoned that it should not be too hard to find this past lifetime, as I didn’t think many women in that era had been shot off a horse, because men did not treat women that way.

To save time, I decided to just read the last few pages of these books to see how these women died. I read about Calamity Jane, Cattle Kate, Big-Nose Kate, Belle Boyd, Little Britches, Cattle Annie and Belle Starr."

Belle Starr was Shot in the Back Off her Horse: A Scene from Karen's Past Life Dream

"When I read how Belle Starr had been shot off her horse I became excited, almost hysterical. I had never heard of Belle Starr prior to this moment.  I ran down our stairs to the kitchen where my mother was cooking. I said ‘Mom I know who I was! I was Belle Starr, have you heard of her?’

She replied that she had and told me of movies that had been made about Belle. I do not think at that point my mother believed that I was Belle Starr in a past lifetime, but she soon would. Even the name Belle Starr was familiar to me, as familiar as my own name.”

The Story of Missouri and the American Civil War

Historical points that will help the reader understand events in Belle Starr’s life involve Missouri’s situation during the US Civil War.  Missouri was a border state between the North and South, in which pro-Union and pro-Confederate forces both existed within Missouri.  Missouri citizens were in conflict over the issue.

When the Union, or North, won the war, sanctions were placed on Confederate supporters.  In addition, violent grudges existed based on relatives being killed during the war.  Some Confederate supporters, rather than acquiescing to Northern sanctions and domination, took to a life of crime.  Belle Starr and the people around her were in this camp.

The Killing of Belle Starr's Brother turns Belle into a Confederate Outlaw

Belle Starr’s brother, whose name was Bud, was a Confederate sympathizer and he served with Quantrill’s Raiders, a Confederate militia group.  Union soldiers surrounded a house in Missouri that he was being sheltered in and Bud was killed as he tried to escape.

When her brother was killed by the Union Army, Belle became a Confederate sympathizer and she became acquainted with other Confederates who became outlaws, such as the Jessie James and Frank James, and the Younger brothers, led by Cole Younger.

With this introduction, Karen’s past life memories and other experiences will be presented in her own words.

A Childhood Spirit Being or Extraterrestrial Experience at Age 5, 1963 in Raytown (Kansas City), Missouri

“I was 5 years old in 1963. We were living in Raytown, Missouri at the time. Raytown is a suburb south of Kansas City, Missouri. One night my older brother, Rob, wanted to show me a book of his on the stars, planets, solar system and galaxies. The book he was showing me was a book and record combo. A narration by Walter Cronkite went along with the pictures. After a couple of minutes Rob asked if I would like to see the Big Dipper. I did not know what a Big Dipper was, but went to the window so that he could point it out.

As I looked up at the sky in the direction over our neighbor’s house to the south of us, I immediately saw a huge white light. It moved back and forth and from side to side gently. I then heard a mechanical male sounding voice asking me: ‘Can you see us?’

I started screaming and crying. I then heard the voice say. ‘Do not be afraid, we won’t hurt you.’ I told my brother to make it go away.

He could not hear the voice or see the light. I ran and hid under his bed but could still hear that voice telling me to come back to the window. I said ‘no, no,’ over and over but eventually, I went back to window because that voice kept saying ‘come back to the window, we won’t hurt you.’

I then heard that voice ask ‘What is your name, how old are you?’ The next thing I remember is the sound of my mother running up the stairs yelling for us to stop fighting.

My brother told her we were not fighting and that ‘Karen is afraid of the Big Dipper.’  I told my mother about what I saw. Realizing that something had scared me she suggested that all of us go out to the front yard and I could point out what had frightened me in the sky.

It was a clear, cool night. We all went outside and then my mother asked if what I saw was still up there, but it was gone.”

A Mechanical Extraterrestrial or Spirit Being Voice Tells Karen She was a Horse Thief in a Past Lifetime

"I believe it was the next night that I had a strange dream.  In it I heard that same mechanical voice telling me that I had lived before and that I was a horse thief.  In this dream I was shown an image of a young girl with dark hair and wearing a long skirt.

Every night after I saw the light in the sky, I had these kinds of dreams. It was always narrated by this male voice. It was like I was being taught something. I remember in one dream the voice told me that:

‘The entity that is your brother is one that you were married to in your past life.’

I had never heard the word ‘entity’ before, but to this day I remember that word was the one that was used. I told my brother about all of this, but he became afraid and begged my mother for me to stop talking about past lives."

Karen Sparks an Interest in Reincarnation & Tells her Mother that She Chose Her as a Parent before She was Born

"My mother did not know what to say to me but she became interested in reading books on reincarnation. She did not believe in that subject until I started telling her about my dreams and past life.  She recalls that as a child, I had told her that I picked out my parents for this life and that we all do."

Karen Hides Herself from the Extraterrestrial or Spirit Being Mechanical Voice under Stuffed Animals

"I soon became afraid to sleep in my room after having so many strange dreams. I was being pestered by the ‘dreams.’ Every night I would go out in the hallway after everyone was asleep and cry.  I was so afraid. I begged my parents to let me sleep in their room.  I was allowed a few times but my parents got tired of it and I was told to go back to my room.

I asked them to put my bed behind my door.  I would then have the door open so my bed was partially hidden. I put all my stuffed animals on top of me so no one would know I was there. I tried everything to hide from my night time guests. My brother to this day remembers when I was afraid of the Big Dipper. For several years I believed the Big Dipper to be one giant light in the sky.”

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory, at age 5 in 1963, of Being Shot Off a Horse & Killed by Shotgun Blasts

'When I was around 5 years old, in 1963, while we were living in Raytown, Missouri, I had a recurring dream in which i was shot off the back of a horse. The dream always started out the same way.  I was accompanying a man to a farmhouse. The next morning we say goodbye and he left through the back door and rode away. I watched him ride off and then I rode back the way we had come the day before.

After riding for a bit I noticed that I was being followed by this man who was supposed to be going into town. I wondered why he was following me and expected him to catch up to me to explain what he was doing. He just kept following me.

I stopped at a friend’s house for a rest and then started back home. I did not see this man behind me but I still felt uneasy about him. I finally made my way down a trail towards a river. I saw out of the corner of my eye this man. He was hiding behind a bush but he was hardly concealed by it. He was wearing a bright shirt, white I think. I did not know if I should speak to him or just pretend I did not see him. I decided to ignore him and not take him seriously, but I should have. I saw that he had a shotgun raised in his arms.

As I rode even to the spot where he stood behind the bush, I heard a loud blast and felt searing pain strike me in my upper left back, neck and face. I fell to the ground and lay on the damp earth. I was lying on my stomach and tried to raise myself up with my arms and was only able to lift myself up just a tiny bit and as I did this a second blast from the shotgun was fired into me. I fell back to the ground. I recognized the man who shot me as my Uncle Floyd in this life.  In the dream, he was an Indian.”

Walter's Questions: "How many times did you have this dream?  In your contemporary lifetime at the age of 5, did you live around horses?  Did the dream correspond to any events that you saw on television or heard about from other sources?"

Karen's Answers: "I had this dream of being shot in the back off a horse approximately 4 to 5 times during my childhood. I had no horses around me other than what I would see on farms while driving on the highway. This dream did not correspond to any event that I had seen on television or heard about."

Walter's Questions:  "In the dreams, did you feel physical pain when you had the dream?  As a 5 year old, how did you react to this dream?  Did you tell your parents about it?  If so, how did they react?  Would your parents be able to talk about these childhood dreams of yours?"

Karen's Answers: "At the moment of impact I would feel a temporary sensation of pain but it was very quick and instantly went away. I was not sure how to act at age 5 to this dream. I initially told both of my parents about the dreams, but my mother was more receptive."

Karen's Historical Validation of Her Dreams: “In the summer of 1972, when I was 14 years old, I was reading the book Belle Starr, the Bandit Queen by Burton Rascoe.  On pages 233-236, I came across the chapter of Belle Starr’s death. Her death and the events leading up the death were all described in this book. Everything that I had dreamed of being shot off a horse was written in this book.”

Note regarding image comparison: Facial features would be more similar if Jim July Starr and Uncle Floyd were captured in the same pose. In the photos presented, Jim July Starr holds his head backwards, while Uncle Floyd holds his head slightly downward.

Karen's Interpretation of her Past Life Death Dream at 5 Years of Age: A Past Life Relationship Revealed

Reincarnation Case of Belle Starr-Karen Pigott"From the book, I now understood the dream I had when I was 5 years old. I realized that the person who shot me, Jim July Starr, was my Uncle Floyd in my current lifetime.  My Uncle Floyd and Jim July Starr have a very similar physical appearance.  Jim was a Cherokee Indian and I had married him so that we could live in the Indian Territories, away from the Missouri law.

I could now recreate the details of the recurring dream that I had since I was 5 years old.  Jim and I were visiting a friend’s house and we later left.  I was going back to our home in the Indian Territories, while Jim had to go to Fort Smith to face charges of theft.  In the dream, while I was riding home, I soon sensed that someone was following me. I now realized it was Jim. That was strange, I thought. Maybe he changed his mind about going to Fort Smith.

He never caught up with me but instead stayed back a comfortable distance. I stopped by another neighbor to chat along the way back and I think this is when Jim rode past me. I left the neighbors home and continued on my way. I almost made it to the river's edge when I was shot in the back and neck. I saw that it was Jim.

I was not close to my Uncle Floyd.  He was nicer to my brother than me. My mother had told me that my uncle did not like women very much and I had the same impression of him. My Uncle Floyd was half Indian, while in my dream, I saw him as a full blooded Cherokee.”

Walter's Questions: "How did you react when you read this account?  How did your parents react?"

Karen's Answers: “I did not want to think that the man in this dream was my Uncle Floyd. I could not ignore the similarities, not only regarding the face but the way he stood. The mannerisms were all the same. When I read about Jim July Starr, I also noticed that the manner of speech was the same.

It is written that when Jim July was planning on the murder of his wife, he needed to borrow a gun. He borrowed a shotgun from a local farmer’s son. Jim July Starr told him he needed to, ‘Kill some fox that had been killing his chickens.’ My uncle would word sentences this way.

In the dream, I noticed that the stance that Jim July held, when he aimed the shotgun, is the same stance that my Uncle had a habit to maintain.”

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory, at Age 12, of Belle Starr's Burial with Cornbread thrown into the Casket

“I had dream in 1970, when I was 12 years old and while we were living in Torrance, California, which added details to the event in which I had been shot off my horse.  As I lay on the dirt after being shot, I was aware that my daughter was riding fast to the spot where I lay after she had been told of my death. I watched her from above riding down a trail and crossing a river.

In this dream, I also saw a scene in which my body was being prepared for burial. I was placed in a coffin and people filed by to pay respects. The Indians who attended the funeral threw pieces of cornbread into the casket as they walked past my body.  I did not like seeing this and thought it was dirty.

In this dream, I was out of my body at times and I was also in it at times as well. I do not know why this was. Maybe I had second thoughts about leaving?”

Karen's Historical Validation of Her Dream:  “Two years later, when I was 14, I read Glenn Shirley’s book, Belle Starr and Her Times, The Literature, the Facts, and the Legends, and on page 240, this incident is described.  It is mentioned that the Cherokee people did throw cornbread into Belle’s casket, based on an old Cherokee custom.”

Walter's Question: "How did you react when you read about the Cherokee people throwing cornbread into Belle’s coffin?"

Karen's Answer: “Reading about the cornbread was more than coincidental for me. In the dream I did not like cornbread being thrown into my coffin, but I could not do anything about it.”

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory, at 12 or 13 Years  of Age, of Warning Confederate Soldiers of Union Troops

“I was riding in the countryside and came upon a quaint home with Union soldiers milling about. I stayed overnight with this family. I pretended to be worried about staying out later than I should and that my family would be worried about me.  I did this so the soldiers would not be suspicious of me. I may have also said that it was too late for me to start back home and needed to stay the night.

I realized that this family consisted of Union sympathizers, with Union troops staying with them. I knew that this information would be vital to the Confederates.

I ate dinner with this family and their guests. I played the piano for them and then the Union troops left the house.  I was alone in this house and standing on the stairway listening to a conversation outside between the family patriarch and a military man. I realized that my brother was in danger, as the Union troops were looking for him.

I stayed the night at this house.  The next morning I had my horse brought to me and as I was getting ready to leave, I broke off a branch of some bushes. The daughter of the family was standing there watching me. I had the feeling that the family did not trust me. As I rode off I muttered something like ‘I will beat them.’  I think it meant that I would beat the troops into town. (I noticed that the daughter was a little overweight with light brown hair).

I rode fast and hard and came to a clearing in the woods. The trail went down into the clearing and then it went uphill and curved to the right. In the clearing some Confederate troops were doing chores. I rode past and as softly as I could speak I gave these men the location of the house where the Union troops were.”

Walter's Questions:  "Why did you pretend to be worried about staying out late? How did you know that the Union troops were talking about your brother, as opposed to someone else?  Did they use your brother’s name from that lifetime?"

Karen's Answers: “I had to pretend to worry about staying out late because women just did not do that kind of thing then. I also did not want to arouse suspicion.

I knew the Union troops were looking for my brother because he had made their lives miserable. After I had played the piano everyone retired for the night. It was getting dark. I was preparing to go upstairs for bed when I heard a visitor outside talking to the owner of the house.

I stood on the third stair listening and I heard my brother’s name mentioned. The troops were looking for him. I knew I had to get home early so I could warn him. My brother and I were well known in the area."

Karen's Historical Validation of her Dream: A year or two after this dream, in the book Belle Starr by Rascoe, Belle’s daring ride to save her brother Bud is described in detail.  This ride is also mentioned in Belle Starr by Glenn Shirley, pages 49-51.

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory in 1971 of Receiving Her Brother’s Body and Harassing Union Soldiers

“I had a dream when I was 13 years old, in which I had accompanied my father to retrieve the body of my brother.  The wagon did not have a cover over it.  It had what I think is called a buckboard in the front.

I went into the house with my father to where my brother’s body was kept.  We brought out his belongings first which included his gun. I sat in the wagon while my father went to get his body.

There were Union troops milling around saying unpleasant things about my brother and some of the comments were directed towards me. I picked up my brother’s gun and pointed it at the troops, but they just laughed at me.

During the ride back home my father was very angry about the incident.  He said that I should have kept my cool and should not have brought any further attention to the family. I would not look his way and just stared out toward the country side. It was a hot day and humid.”

Walter's Questions:  "How did you know it was Belle’s father in the dream?"

Karen's Answer:  "I recognized him as my father as we had the same relationship as we did in this life. He was an authority figure to me. I also had a short dream when I was a child (in this life) in which I was outside a small cabin. Inside was my mother and she was brushing her hair. I kept asking her where my father was. My father then walks out into the clearing to our cabin.  He had been away on a trip. I had been told he had to go to the capitol. I guess that meant the capitol of Missouri. My father looked pretty much the same. He was the same soul as my father."

Walter's Question: "How did you know that Belle's father reincarnated as your father."

Karen's Answer: "Belle’s father in the dream had my father’s mannerisms, way of talking and expression in his eyes that made me associate.  In the dream, he had the same body build as he did in this life."

Walter' s Question: "How did you know that it was Belle’s brother in the dream?"

Karen's Answer: "I remember the emotion of the dream and the anxiety from my parents. I noticed the way both parents reacted and how I felt. I felt like I had lost a close family member and I remember in the dream that the person was referred to as son//brother."

Walter's Question: "Do you know who Belle’s brother is in your contemporary lifetime?"

Karen's Answer:  "My brother in Belle’s lifetime seems to be my cousin first Steve. In the Belle lifetime we were very close."

Walter's Question: "Did you learn about Belle’s history before this dream?"

Karen's Answer: "I did not learn of any of this before the dream. I did not know who Belle Starr was."

Karen's Historical Validation of Her Dream:  "A year or two later, when I was 14, while reading the book on Belle Starr by Rascoe I realized that the events of this dream, of picking up a brother’s body, with harassing Union troops in the background, had occurred to Belle Starr.  Belle had gone with her father to pick up the body of her brother Bud.”

Walter's Comment: It is truly amazing that as a child you had such detailed memories that correspond so accurately to the lifetime of Belle Starr.

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory, at Age 14, of Taking a Photo with a Holster & Guns

“After the death of my brother, I went into a town with my mother to shop. I had put on his holster and guns. I did this to send a message to the Union troops that I meant the business of revenge for his death. My mother did not want me to wear them because she felt that I was just ‘asking for trouble.’

In order to make my point that I was serious about revenge, I had my picture taken wearing the pistols. My mother is off to the side watching the photo shoot. She was not very happy with me. I look over to my right in this picture because I felt looking directly right into the camera might be too harsh a look.”

Walter's Questions: "How did you know the person in the dream was your mother?  Was this incident historically confirmed?"

Karen's Answer:  "I would know my mother anywhere. You could blindfold me, take away my hearing and stand me in a room next to her and I would know her. We were very close. I have read that the day after Belle’s brother was killed, Belle and her mother went into a nearby town. I think Belle was wearing the gun belt, but I have never read that her mother accompanied her into the photo studio."

Karen's Past Life Memory, at Age 14 in 1972, of Being Locked in a Closet, with a Romantic Rescue

"I was sitting in a closet apparently locked in there for punishment. Later, when I was let out the closet and sitting in my bedroom, I noticed that someone is climbing up a ladder.  The man is there to get me.  It is dark outside. I climb down and find that there is a horse waiting for me as are several other people. The man that climbed up the ladder I realize is my brother in this lifetime."

Note regarding image comparison:  Facial features would m appear more similar if Jim Reed and Rob were captured in the same pose.  There is a resemblance noted in the eyes .

Karen's Historical Validation: This incident is described in Belle Starr, by Burton Roscoe, page 121 and page 156.  After reading this book, I had further insight about this dream:

"Belle had gotten pregnant out of wedlock.  I did have a dream about having this baby.  The father was Cole Younger, but he always denied it and denied knowing Belle Starr. This hurt Belle (me). I had met another outlaw who l knew as Jim Reed from Reed Hill Missouri. He wanted to marry me. He knew I had a baby that Cole had fathered but Jim said he wanted to help me and give the baby a last name. Jim came to visit me and the baby. I sat in the front room of a house and waited for him to come. He came in and proposed to me. I said I would but I did not know when.

For reasons that I do not know, my (Belle’s) parents hated Jim Reed and they locked me in the closet so that I would not be able to see him.  Eventually, my parents let me out of the closet.

It was dark outside when I heard someone call my name.  I looked out and it was Jim Reed, who was putting a ladder up to my window.  He had come to elope with me. As soon as we were down the ladder we ran over to our horses and rode a short way. A group of men who were Jim's friends were waiting. We were married right there by the leader of this group of outlaws. This man had been a preacher before he became an outlaw.

Jim Reed, the man I married, is my brother, Rob, in contemporary times.  Recall that in my experience with the ‘bright light,’ when I was 5 years old, the mechanical male voice told me that my brother was my spouse in a prior lifetime.  The voice was referring to my brother’s past lifetime as Jim Reed."

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory, at Age 14, of Robbing a House

“I had a dream in which my brother in my current lifetime, Rob, I and another young man were up on a mound or rise of earth looking down towards a home. It was clear to me that we were going to rob this house. I was the one who went up to the door and knocked on it. As I did the other two behind me forced their way in. I was dressed in male attire so that no one would know my identity.  We tortured this man to give us his gold.  He lived and we all went to trial but he could not positively identify the men.”

Karen's Historical Validation of Her Dream: "Burton Rascoe book, page 172.  Jim Reed and Belle Star did rob a man as described in the dream."

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory of her Husband’s Coffin and Defying the Law

“I am riding up to a building holding my daughter as I ride. I tie up the horse while looking at the building. I am aware that I am probably being watched. I do not want to go into the building but I have to. As I walk in with my daughter I notice approximately 4-5 men standing around a coffin which has been placed in the middle of the room. I am asked to ID the body as my husband, but I lie and say it is not him. I sense that the men are very disappointed. I left with my daughter feeling vindicated."

Karen's Historical Validation of Her Dream: "Scott, Belle Starr in Velvet, pages 82-83.  After Jim Reed was shot and killed, Belle had to go identify the body.  If I (Belle) could do that then the killers would get the reward money. I did not want that to happen so I walked in and said that the dead man was not Jim, but it was really him lying there. Some books on the subject of Belle say that this is most likely did not happen, but I know it did."

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory of Belle's Son Riding Her Horse Too Hard and Giving Eddie a Whipping

“I am running into the horse stall and noticed that my horse had been ridden hard.  I immediately go into the barn and find my son sleeping there.  I am not too happy that he has taken it the night before and ridden it that way.”

Karen's Historical Validation of Her Dream: "Belle Starr, by Burton Roscoe and Belle Starr by Glenn Shirley.  Belle did not get along with her son Eddie who was fathered by Jim Reed. Belle gave Eddie a severe whipping with a riding crop after he had taken her prized black stallion for a ride to a party in a nearby town. He had ridden it hard and in the morning Belle discovered that Ed had fallen asleep in the barn. Ed never forgave Belle for the whipping. This was an emotional dream for me, it was horrible."

Walter's Question: Do you know who Eddie Reed is in contemporary times?

Karen's Answer: I am quite sure that Eddie reincarnated as my son, Mike Jr.

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory, at Age 13 & Prior to Reading About Belle Starr, of Her Husband Shooting a Man

"I was at home with a man who I think was my husband in that life. I hear a knock at the door and I answer the door. When I open and see the person standing there I start to smile, but just then my husband takes out his gun and fires into the man, killing him. I am very upset and watch my husband and some ranch hands take the dead man out to the yard next to the house. They all stand around him in a circle. I go and saddle up my horse because I do not want to be there, I have to get out. I ride past all the men and glare at my husband.”

Karen's Historical Validation of Her Dream: "After the dream I read an account of this.  I cannot find where it is.

I know that it happened though. I do not know why this man was killed. Belle was living with her second husband, Sam Starr, when one day a person came to the door. As I (Belle) opened the door, Sam pulled out a pistol and shot the visitor. I did not know why he did that. Sam and a bunch of the outlaws who were staying at our ranch took the body and buried it not too far from our house. It was reasoned that no one would think of looking there for a body. As described, I was very livid about him shooting a friend of mine and ran past the group of men to get to my horse. I saddled up and rode past the crew and as I did I glared at Sam."

Note: Sam Starr is pictured to the right.

Karen's Past Dream & Memory of Breaking Up Pearl's Relationship with a Lover

"Belle’s daughter, Pearl, had a boyfriend who Belle did not approve of.  Belle did not want Pearl to marry the boyfriend because he did not have enough money to support her.  To break up the relationship, Belle sent Pearl out of town, not knowing that Pearl had become pregnant by this man.

While she was away, Belle wrote a letter to the boyfriend in which she pretended to be Pearl.  In the letter, she wrote that she had married a man with money just like her mama wanted. It was a lie that worked.  The man married another woman while Pearl was out of town.

When Pearl returned and happened to see her old boyfriend, they figured out Belle's dirty scheme.  In my dream, a close friend of the family knew of Pearl’s condition and mentioned it to Belle. Belle did not know anything about it and became irate. This close friend of the family was the town's postmaster and had been like a grandfather to Pearl. It was not unusual for him to be confided in.  When I (Belle) found out about Pearl being pregnant; I went ballistic and at first blamed the postmaster for being responsible for Pearl’s condition."

Historical Validation: See below

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory of Playing a Joke on Pearl

"I am talking to an elderly neighbor who is a close friend. During our conversation, my daughter and her friend run by us giggling and having fun. It is around Halloween. I tell this neighbor that I plan on playing a prank on my daughter.

He gets serious and asks me if I think that would be a good idea since Pearl is in a ‘delicate way.’ I am shocked not knowing exactly what he is implying.  When I realize that she is pregnant, I immediately react with anger and let him have it. I then go after my daughter."

Walter's Question: Is Pearl’s pregnancy and Belle’s rouse to get rid of the boyfriend documented in history books?

Karen's Answer: "Yes, it is. When I had this dream I did not know what it was all about. The one thing that sets these dreams apart from other dreams is the emotions that are involved. The emotions are magnified. For this dream, I just had a dream talking to a neighbor and then he says something that just sets me off. I go and tell my daughter that I know about everything. I experience sadness and depression in this dream."

Historical Validation: Pending

Karen's Past Life Dream & Memory, at 12-13 Years of Age, of a German Photographer

“I was riding into town with a deputy sheriff to answer a charge of horse stealing. I am riding past store fronts and joke with the sheriff that I would like to go into a couple of the stores to shop. I ask him if he would mind waiting for me. I also tell him that I am tired of all the attention I get every time I come to town.  As I ride towards the town I see a short bald man to my left motion for me to have my picture taken. He has an old fashioned camera on a tripod. I tell him that I will stop on my way back home.

On my way back I see the little man with the German accent off to my right just ahead of me calling to me to have my picture taken. I tell him I have changed my mind and do not

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