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Reincarnation Cases and Children's Past Life Stories that Demonstrate

Gender can Change from One Lifetime to Another

Insights on Homosexuality and Gender Identity








Reincarnation Cases & Children's Past Life Stories which Demonstrate

Gender can Change from One Lifetime to Another


Insights on Reincarnation & Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Transsexualism, Transgender Issues and Gender Identity


Independently Researched Past Life Cases with Gender Change, Physical Resemblance & Images

Louise Vanderbilt Reincarnates as a Man, Wayne Peterson

Charles Parkhurst Reincarnates as a Woman, Penney Peirce


Ian Stevenson, MD Children's Past Life Stories

Cases with Physical Resemblance and Change in Gender

Jaako Vuorenlehto Reincarnates as his Wife's Daughter, Taru Jarvi: Gender Confusion in Two Lifetimes

Lionel Reincarnates as His Sister's Daughter and Still Makes the Tortoise Face

Other Stevenson Cases with Change in Gender

A Male Japanese Soldier Reincarnates as a Woman and becomes a Lesbian: Understanding Homosexuality through Reincarnation

Chuey, a Boy, Drowns & Reincarnates as a Girl, but Retains Male Traits

Jenson Jacoby | TE: A Swedish Man Reincarnates as an American Woman

Poldi Holzmuller, a Female, Is Not Attracted to Men, Says She Will Reincarnate as a Boy and Does

Angelina Lopes Says She Would Rather be a Boy and Reincarnates as One


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