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Geographic Past Life Memory and Deja Vu in Reincarnation Cases










Geographic Past Life Memory & Deja Vu in Reincarnation Cases

Reincarnation, Deja Vu & Geographic Past Life MemoryPast Life Emotions & Memories Stimulated by Past Life Locations

Geographic memory will be defined as past life memories or emotions that are stimulated by visiting a physical location known from a past incarnation.  The reincarnation case of John B. Gordon | Jeff Keene involves a dramatic example of geographic memory, as Jeff experienced an intense flood of emotions when he visited the Civil War battlefield were he was shot and almost killed in a prior incarnation.

Ability to Spontaneously find Past Life Homes & Locations

In addition, knowledge of a geographic area based on past life experiences, such as being able to find a specific building without prior knowledge of the area in the contemporary lifetime, will also be included as examples of geographic memory.  In many cases in this section, individuals, once in the vicinity of a past life location, were able to find the path back to their past life home.

A dramatic example is found in the reincarnation case of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen, as Barbro, at the age of ten and on her first visit to Amsterdam, was able to lead her parents from their hotel to the Anne Frank House without directions.

Many reincarnation cases researched by Ian Stevenson, MD, demonstrate this type of geographic memory, where individuals are able to find past life homes, even in very remote areas.

Reincarnation, Past Lives & Déjà Vu

Déjà vu, the experience that one feels like they have been at a place before, even though the individual has never previously been at that location in the current lifetime, can be considered a subtle form of geographic memory.  An individual may have lived in or visited that location, or some type of significant event in a past lifetime may have occurred at that geographic site.

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