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Change of Religion through Reincarnation







Religion & Reincarnation: Doctrines of Major Religions

In the holy texts of most major religions, references to reincarnation exist. References to reincarnation in the doctrines of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths are cited in articles provided below.

Reincarnation Research Shows Religion Can Change

Though reincarnation is mentioned in the doctrines of most major religions, reincarnation is not advocated by most religious authorities, except in the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, as knowledge of reincarnation would undermine any religion's claim to possess exclusive truth. This is because independently reseached reincarnation cases show we can change religion from one lifetime to another.  To learn more, go to:

Independently Researched Reincarnation Cases with Change in Religion

Religious teachings can contain great wisdom, but at the same time, religions separate and divide us.  Wars are based on the perception that the enemy is different from ourselves, which allows us to justify killing.  Evidence of reincarnation allows us to see that we are universal souls, that are not bound to any one religion, nationality or ethic group.

References to reincarnation in major religions are compiled in this section.  An essay on reincarnation and its bearing on the civil war in Sri Lanka, where both sides believe in reincarnation, is also included.

Reincarnation in Christian Doctrine

Reincarnation in Islamic Doctrine

Reincarnation in Doctrine of Judaism

Essay on Religion & Reincarnation: Buddhism, Hinduism and the Civil War of Sri Lanka: Belief vs Knowledge


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