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Reincarnation Case of Thomas Edison | Elon Musk


Proposed by: Walter Semkiw, MD

Affirmed by: Spirit Guide or Spirit Being Ahtun Re in a Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Research Session

Article by: Walter Semkiw, MD

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After seeing Elon Musk on television, who has been involved in founding Tesla Motors, PayPal and SpaceX, I wondered who he could've been in a past incarnation. In reading his biography, Thomas Edison leapt into my mind.  Edison was called the “Wizard of Menlo Park” (New Jersey), while Musk named one of SpaceX’S rocket engines “Merlin” and he told Caltech graduates that they are the “Magicians of the 21st-century.”

Nikola Tesla worked in Edison's lab before they became adversaries in the controversy of whether AC or DC current was more effective in transmitting electrical power.  Musk appears to have mended this relationship by naming his electric car after Tesla.  Edison was an inventor credited with creating the first industrial research lab and Elon Musk has followed a parallel path.  I found the facial similarity to be remarkable and Ahtun Re has affirmed that Elon Musk is the reincarnation of Thomas Edison.

Principles of Reincarnation

Physical Resemblance in Reincarnation Cases:
The facial features of Thomas Edison and Elon Musk are very similar.

Past Life Talent: Thomas Edison was a gifted inventor and businessman who changed the world through industrial applications of his creations.  Elon Musk is doing the same.

Renewal of Relationships through Reincarnation: Thomas Edison's chief research and business associate was Charles Batchelor, who is now working with Edison | Musk in the persona of Steve Jurvetson.

Change in Nationality: Thomas Edison was born in Ohio, in the United States, while Elon Musk was born in South Africa.

Change in Religion: Thomas Edison was interested in spiritualism and even attempted to invent an electronic devise that could be used to communicate with spirits.  In contrast, it appears that Elon Musk is agnostic or an atheist.  It is my hope that evidence of reincarnation, and in particular the work of Ian Stevenson, MD, of the University of Virginia, will rekindle his interest in Instrumental Transcommunication.


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