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Evidence of Reincarnation:

Walk-In Case and Raising of the Dead







Ian Stevenson, MD Past Life Story with a Spirit Being

Reincarnation Case with Raising of the Dead & Walk-In

Article by Walter Semkiw, MD


Walk-ins refer to the situation where one soul who is incarnate leaves the body and another soul takes over the body. Though this is thought to occur extremely rarely, one case reseached by Ian Stevenson, MD at the University of Virgina does demonstrate the walk-in phenomenon.

In this reincarnation case involving a child remembering a past life, a young boy, Jasbir Jat, had apparently died.  He then appeared to come back to life, but with the personality of a grown man named Sobha Ram. As such, this case also seems to demonstrate that a soul can reanimate a dead body, a phenomenon that was described in the New Testament, specifically the rising of Lazarus by Jesus.

Though rare, the walk-in phenomenon has been portrayed in the lighthearted stage play, Heaven can Wait by Harry Segall, which was made into the movies Here Comes Mr. Jordan with Robert Montgomery, Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty and Down to Earth with Chris Rock. Let us now turn to Dr. Stevenson's reincarnation case.

Raising of the Dead & Walk-In Reincarnation Case of Sobha Ram | Jasbir Jat

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