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IISIS Reincarnation Research International Board: India-Hindi

Yuvraj Kapadia, PhD of Calfornia Hypnosis Institute, Mumbai


& Split Incarnation Case of Yuvraj Kapadia | Walter Semkiw

Also Known as Twin Flames, Twin Souls or Parallel Lives

Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia studied microbiology at the University of Mumbai, where he won a Gold Medal, which meant that he was the top student in microbiology at the university.

After attaining his degree, he worked for a period of time in the financial services industry before he turned to past life regression therapy and clinical hypnosis as his life’s work.  In addition, he also teaches mediation and yoga.

Dr. Kapadia and his wife, Neeta, operate the California Hypnosis Institute in Mumbai, India.  Dr. Kapadia has held the office of Vice President of the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists (IACH-Asian Division).

Split Incarnation Case of Yuvraj Kapadia | Walter Semkiw

Of interest, Yuvraj has been identified as a split of Walter Semkiw, MD, President of IISIS. Other terms for split incarnation are twin souls, twin flames and paralled lives. Yuvraj uses this split incarnation case in his lectures as an example of how a soul can use split incarnation to achieve desired goals, in this case to promote evidence of reincarnation in two different parts of the world.

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